Nice Weather, Not Nice News

Enjoy this stretch of good weather, but check with us for all the news.

Everybody Loves Shelly: Not really, but the School Board gave a really positive review of Sheldon Berman’s performance as JCPS superintendant, no doubt impressed by the 35-page self-assessment he provided yesterday. The teachers’ union criticized the glowing evaluation. [Courier]

Bad Guy in Health Insurance Dispute: Consumers will be the big losers in the dispute between Anthem and Norton, which comes to a head when the contract between the two ends tonight. Norton wants too much money, and Anthem isn’t providing good customer service. Patients will have to pay more or switch doctors. [Courier]

No Black Judges: As the NAACP’s Raoul Cunningham writes, there’s something wrong with a community with 20 percent African-American representation and ZERO African-American judges. [Cunningham]

Supremes Reject DVR Case: The Supreme Court is not going to step in and hear a case that would stop the surge of DVR technology. Network execs are worred ‘cuz it allows viewers to skip commercials. [NYTimes]

Running From the Camera: We love a good TV ambush, especially when the targets take off on a sprint away from the camera. Check out Adam Walser trying to track down some company guilty of ripping people off in an oil scam. [WHAS-TV]

Horsey Competition: Lexington residents are painting fiberglass horses to display around town with something they’re calling Horse Mania.  Really, really similar to Gallopalooza. [LexGo]

9 thoughts on “Nice Weather, Not Nice News

  1. Gott news for ya’ – – Lexington did the decorated fiberglass horse thing LONG before Louisville. It’s where Louisville got the idea.

  2. I usually think the CJ commenters are morons, but a few have it right: If you want more black judges, you’ll need black lawyers to, you know, run for office.

  3. Either:
    1. Shelley caved on something Brent and Steve wanted so they agreed to play along for now?
    2. The mayor and GLI pres (both will go to the mat for Shelley) carried more weight with Wesslund, Haddad, and Hardesty to scare the others off? (Hujo + Imhoff = JCTA, Elmore = asleep, Duncan = trying to do the right thing but powerless and easily confused)
    3. Mayor and GLI pres agreed to do something for JCTA, like back JCTA school board candidates in the next election because they don’t like the backlash that is stirring about neighborhood schools?

    This is a game as old as monopoly. Whose play is it?

  4. 3-4 years ago, the C-J did a very in-depth investigation of David Rose, enTerra and his other oil/gas scams, interviewing people who had lost money from Kentucky to Australia and everywhere in between.

  5. The sad thing is that investigative reporting isn’t in vogue now at the CJ or any other local entity including radio and TV. The closest places we have to this is the Ville Voice and Springston not to mention a few others. Arnie is too worried about making sure that he runs plenty of wire stories from the AP rather than sending out some people to have interviews and ask tough questions. When is it that they are going to start asking the Metro (RUBBER STAMP) Council some tough questions and put Jerry Abramson on the spot too. Speaking of that, why doesn’t Jack Conway start an investigation of Jerry.

  6. Big Daddy,
    Jack Conway doesnt have any balls to investigate Jerry and it would not be the same usual partisan politics if he did. Jack Conway seems to be a pretty good guy but unfortuniately he plays the same old political game. If he would step up and investigate Jerry, he would definetly win support from both political sides. I dont know what Jack thinks he has to lose if he does investigate Jerry, everyone hates Jerry. It could be a win-win situation for him.

  7. I agree Jerry Hater. Conway is too entrenched to try to do anything to Jerry. Sad because I actually thought he may be one of the good guys after all.

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