Anti-Jerry Movement Taking Hold

Today the local Republican Party came out with some bold statements criticizing Mayor Jerry Abramson. Brad Cummings, the local GOP chair, for the first time, listed the Mayor’s sins in a lengthy document, which you can see here.

Ultimately, the Republicans are encouraging the Mayor not to run for another term. Last week, amid speculation that he might be a part of Steve Beshear’s gubernatorial ticket in 2011, Abramson said he’d make a decision on his future by August.

The GOP isn’t alone in criticizing the Mayor, and perhaps today’s presser is meant to persuade him in making that decision. A loud contingent of South End-ers, led by Doug Hawkins, has its own complaints about the Mayor on multiple issues ranging from taxes to placement of a bomb storage facility.

The Mayor might be considering whether he’s up for a campaign in which he’ll be mightily criticized, but the GOP campaign could also backfire and push the ego-flashing Mayor toward a more determined run for re-election. Who knows what he’s thinking?

The question remains, though, who’s got the name ID and resources to challenge him? Certainly no one on the Metro Council, though we’ve speculated that the Republicans might put up Kevin Kramer. It’s hard to imagine him doing any better than Kelly Downard last time.

The critiques center on the multiple controversies we’ve been chronicling in the last several years. You know what we’re talking about here, but the list indicts the Mayor for his handling of and promotion of individuals in the departments of Inspections, Permits and Licensing, Metro Animal Services, Planning and Zoning, Libraries and the notorious Department of Housing.  Cummings didn’t even mention the problems at Corrections, which is a disaster waiting to happen.

Any opponent would be able to thrust these people into the spotlight of a political race — John Flood, Kimberly Bunton, Charles Cash, Gilles Meloche and Mark Bolton — just to put names to the perceived Abramson mistakes.

Cummings devotes much of his speech to criticism of the city’s deal with Cordish Companies, but doesn’t talk about his ill-conceived decision to promise to clean up everyone’s yard after the big storms.

The local GOP makes a strong case against Abramson, and no doubt wants him to get to a decision on running again right away. The field for the 2010 Mayor’s race won’t form until we knew whether Jerry’s in or out, and there are plenty of people eyeing the race with a plan to jump in if Jerry’s out.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Jerry Movement Taking Hold

  1. Most people were affected by the storm debris, so complaining about it being picked up probably won’t give the Republicans much, if any, political steam. And it might even backfire on them. There is plenty of stuff to nail this mayor about without talking about debris pickup.

  2. This may be out in right-field, but is Anne Northup really not an option if Abramson is out? If you think about it, whoelse is there for Republicans with a name the size of Goliath?

  3. Seems to this writer that we need someone with real business skills that knows about fostering the creation of thousands of high paying jobs. Say like a David Jones type of character. We don’t need small minds like the current Metro Council or any of Abramsons subordinates. Of which this Metro Council is a Congress of fools for this city. This group of people consistenly go along with every stupid proposal and business killing and job killing idea. When Louisville needs thousands of high growth and high wage jobs. Not a bunch of people peddling pops and food at the concession stands or in some cheesy restaurant downtown.

    Instead of spending a million dollars to revamp a bowling alley, they should have spent the money on cleaning up the community and working to create jobs. That arena is not going to create jobs that pay anything outside of the current construction. Pop jockey jobs, please? Service jobs? Janitors? Restaurant jobs? Get real Louisville. Start making something again at a competitive price and pay wages that people can afford to buy the crap produced. If you can’t do that, then start asking why our current industrial policy is to insource products why 10 to 20 percent of our nation is being screwed into the ground by massive unemployment. Do some real unemployment research rather that what the political hacks at Department of Employment Services are telling people.

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