More Sypher Madness

For starters, and before you say we’re obsessing over Karen Cunagin Sypher, let’s remind you of what she told an AP reporter just a few weeks ago:

Except when she has to pick up her children from school, she stays home and out of sight, dreading the next time she might end up on the front page of the newspaper.

That’s why Sypher’s night on the town at Avalon was so newsworthy and interesting, as our sources witnessed her spending several hours downing tequila at the bar.

Thanks to an alert reader who picked up a link on a U of L message board, we discovered that Sypher is offering herself up on a site called We’re not paying the fee to see her whole entry, but the first line is intriguing: “Looking for that perfect man…”


Somebody please get this woman some P.R. help.

16 thoughts on “More Sypher Madness

  1. It says at the very top, “where the classy, attractive and affluent can meet”. So what’s Sypher doing on there?

  2. For your sake, I hope that is Karen Sypher in the photo. It asks people to join if they want to know more. Hmmm.

  3. Has anyone questioned the legitimacy of the Sypher account on the Sugardaddies website? It’s possible anyone could have created this account if they possessed a picture and basic knowledge of her. Not to defend her, but she would make an easy target for something silly like this.

  4. This tramp is not fit to care for her children. IF Children’s Protective Services (or whatever it’s called in KY) does not have an open case file on her, they are not doing thier job.

  5. I’m not sticking up for Karen, per se, but I do think it’s none of our business regarding her parenting capabilities, nor do we have any information to suggest she’s a bad parent. Note that it’s common for a single parent to want to date people, and we shouldn’t be questioning this aspect.

  6. I’ve followed the whole story with amused horror, but this here looks like a nonstory — anyone with a picture of her could register under her name and put up a profile, and there are plenty of people out there who would do so.

  7. What would be most interesting is that if all the facts come out because its quite possible that the Patron saint is not as saintly as he is portrayed. Its always a guy thing to blame the woman always for the indiscretions that she was trying to get something for nothing. I’ve noticed that she’s the one getting all the blame for this and yes extortion is wrong and illegal. Yet what we don’t know is why didn’t the patron saint do something before hand to make the situation right. He’s not exactly ivory white here.

  8. Perhaps he was just standing back and letting her hang herself? As I recall, he was not going to do anything until she opened her pie hole to the media. Then he had no choice.

    Are his hands clean? Probably not. However he is on record saying he was going to let it go until she started singing.

  9. I have to agree this is idiotic if she did this, but isn’t it possible this is a fake entry, just like Tony La Russa and twitter?

  10. Couldn’t resist the snarky comment above, but agree w/ others that there’s no way to know if profile is real, since much on the Internet isn’t, and also that it stinks that Pitino is somehow coming across as a wronged party here. I’d say his wife is the wronged one, and she’s been classy (in true sense of word) not to say anything publicly.

  11. This is already off the site. She took it off or the perp who put it up did. He does have a lot of loyal fans ya know! BUT, that did look like a private photo to me.

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