Carrying On May Be Off, and More Celebs

Who’ll Stop the Gun Show? According to a piece on the front page of today’s New York Times, the insurance company covering New Bethel Church smartly canceled the church’s policy for Saturday, and Pagano said if the insurance is not replaced, people won’t be allowed to openly carry their guns. He did get the quote of the day in the paper’s news alert, saying “I don’t see any contradiction in this. Not every Christian denomination is pacifist.” [NYTimes]

Another Cover-Up: Before the Lexington newspaper exposed rampant misuse of funds, the Kentucky League of Cities was voluntarily responding to open records requests. Now the League, funded in part with membership dues from 382 cities, says it’s not a public agency and not subject to open records laws. In other words, they’re hiding something. Jack Conway, please step up. [Herald-Leader]

Saying So Doesn’t Make it True: David Williams squared off with Lachlan McLean on, of all things, his sports talk show last night.  He had the nerve to say that surronding states that have expanded gaming are not better off financially than Kentucky, that slots would hurt the poor and that gamblers from other states wouldn’t spend any money in Kentucky. Especially since Kentuckians spend so much time crossing our borders to wager. [WHAS]

Terry on TV: Speaking of WHAS, Terry Meiners got some extended airtime on the Southern Belles episode last night, trying out Emily Gimmel as a sidekick. Of course, she was stumped on questions like “Who won World War II?” and said if it didn’t involve celebrities, she didn’t really know about it. And Kellie compared herself to her dog, which can’t seem to stop humping a toy.

Millionaire News: U of L’s Terrence Williams was the 11th pick in the NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets, the first senior picked. Earl Clark was snapped up by the Suns three picks later. Good for them. [USA Today]

Yes, We Have a Budget: Few surprises as the Metro Council approved the city’s budget. The Mayor is happy, the Council is happy, and for no good reason Doug Hawkins was the lone vote against it. [Courier]

Celebrate Krekel at the Vernon:  It was a touching day of radio at WFPK yesterday, realizing just how many people were touched by Tim Krekel in his 58 years. Sunday there’s a celebration of his life at the Vernon Club at 4.

Media Death Watch: Guess who was the first to report Michael Jackson’s death? Right, TMZ. 18 minutes after he passed. And other media wouldn’t cite them as a source. It beat the LA Times by 7 minutes, which prompted a story about the coverage in the paper, and tells you how competitive entertainment reporting is. We know the feeling, since we were first to report that guns in church story and never get cited, and yes, we’re bitter. NBC’s Jackson tribute last night, hastily assembled, sure brought back memories. [LA Times]

15 thoughts on “Carrying On May Be Off, and More Celebs

  1. I think the Apocalypse would begin if Terry were to have a round table discussion with Emily, the Life Coach woman, and Lachlan’s wife at the same time.

  2. It was painful listening to Williams on Lachlan’s show. What was painful about it is Lachlan was just not equipped to interview someone as slimy as Williams. He wasn’t dialed in enough to call Williams out on the obvious misrepresentations (such as the adjacent states issue). It was a very, very softball interview. In the end it pretty much ended up sounding like a David Williams stump piece, which is unfortunate.

    Where’s Hebert when ya need him? :-)

  3. All of these churches are competing for new income streams (I mean parishoners) in a bad economy. This whole thing is nothing more than a marketing stunt that has gotten his church a huge amount of free publicity for the church.

    If you can’t drawn them in with a $100M+ campus and country club facilities, you might as well try to market to gun advocates. Come to think of it, I surprised U of L and UK-themed churches haven’t opened up yet… They would have to be Catholic, so they could serve beer during services.

  4. Mark H (Not Hebert): “This whole thing is nothing more than a marketing stunt that has gotten his church a huge amount of free publicity for the church”.


    “Tell him what he won Don Pardo…”!

  5. I didn’t realize that everyone here hates God or anything like that. They are just noting the their personal opinions on some sort of gun celebration at a Christian church in Valley Station. Seems to me what they are noting is that the hypocrisy and beliefs of these people counter what they purport what they believe. I don’t really see the point to have a big gun rights celebration at a church unless you really feel scared.

    If you want to call me an a-hole then feel free to do so. That doesn’t make me any less than you or any less than your beliefs. Other than a biblical teaching of selling your extra coat and buying a sword for protection of home and family, that is one scripture that is mentioned. I just don’t get the connection between guns and church and really if they feel a need to protect oneself, they they should. I’m not a gun control advocate at all because when all guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns. Reference the United Kingdom or Australia and how crime has spiked there since their gun control laws were tightened.

    To make some sort of religious issue out of this is just nonsensical. Being a hypocrite is just as bad as being the worst type of sinner, at least from what Jesus said. Pretty much woe to the hypocrites as he said. So before you start bashing anyone on religion, start cleaning up your own act.

    Oh, and by the way, make sure to keep Mark Sanford in line next time that way he doesn’t abandon his personal responsibilities to God and his family as well as the fiduciary and other responsibilities that he had to the citizens of SC. Its funny that you note some of us as A-Holes while you’re the one making a fool of yourself repeatedly.

  6. I’m not sure why pointing out that this whole gun-night is nothing more than a marketing ploy, makes me a hater. I have a conceal carry permit and find the whole gun in church concept a little too controversial to be nothing more than a stunt.

    This stunt ranks up there with the “artists” who paint or sculpt the Virgin Mother out of degrading materials like elephant feces and condoms in an attempt to stir up opposition and publicly from religious advocacy groups.

  7. Wow…another nice black eye for the southwest part of the county. Now, if David Williams would just move here it would be complete!

    We’re now becoming the “cereal” part of the county – chock full of fruits and nuts.

    The real test of faith is – knowing that some in the Church didn’t unload the guns they brought.

    Why stop there… let them wear their white Klan robes with pistols strapped under them too. All great ideas to enhance the SW part of the county.

    How embarrassing.

  8. Justamule, you may be embarassed of the south end, but I’m not. Do you live in SW Jefferson County? I assume so since you mentioned “we.” I believe the right to bear arms is in danger of becoming extinct and this church is taking a stand. The more good people we have with guns, the better. If guns were to ever be outlawed, the only people with weapons will be the bad guys. If you do live in SW Jefferson county and are embarrased, you may want to consider moving. Nobody wants a sourpuss living next door.

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