Lester Arrested, Bad News for Sypher

So Lester’s crowing to the feds, and it doesn’t look to be a good turn of events for Karen Cunagin Sypher.

On Wednesday, Lester Goetzinger, who lives in J-town, was arrested on charges he made three phone calls on Sypher’s behalf, threatening to make public claims (still mysterious) about events that occurred involving U of L Coach Rick Pitino in 2003.

Goetzinger, once described as a friend of Sypher’s, is getting off easy with the opportunity to do a pretrial diversion and avoid fines or imprisonment. His testimony in Sypher’s extortion trial, however, could help put Sypher behind bars. That trial, originally scheduled to begin next week, has been postponed and there’s no new date set.

She’s facing seven years if convicted, though she’s been telling media in interviews that her story, when it comes out, will vindicate her.

2 thoughts on “Lester Arrested, Bad News for Sypher

  1. her story will vindicate her? That better be a damn good story then. I don’t know if Ms Sypher realizes this, but making phone calls like Goetzinger did qualifies as extortion.

  2. It seems that she has granted “sexual favors” to almost everyone to have them do her bidding for money. So, if she doesn’t get prosecuted for extortion, she should be prosecuted for prostitution.

    If “Souther Belles” were still being taped in Louisville, we would have a really great addition to the show though…lol.

    Hopefully, she’ll be in federal prison soon.

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