Tim Krekel Passes Away

After a brief illness, local musician Tim Krekel passed away this afternoon.

Please feel free to use this space to leave a tribute to Tim Krekel, who was a beloved figure in the local music scene. As we get more information on funeral arrangements and tributes, we’ll post them here.

Tim’s website has a wonderful biography of his life. He was 58.

16 thoughts on “Tim Krekel Passes Away

  1. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I hope the Louisville community has a chance to honor Tim – maybe one of our local establishments will hold something? Or a Tim Krekel day on WFPK? I feel privleged to have seen him perform. My prayers are with his family.

  2. Tim was a great guy. A hidden jewel, if he lived in Nashville, LA, SF or NY he would have been up there as one of the greats. When Zena’s closed last Winter, I saw him play and told him that was one of the best rock and roll shows I have ever seen. that night Tim and the band was what Keith Richards would call the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band. His bio is amazing not only the stuff with Jimmy B. but the fact that you could see at local bars, weddings, and street fairs. While he wrote some great songs and made good records, he could make a cover better than the original. That was impressive. I hope folks will honor Ted by getting his music played on local radio, airport and record stores. Finally, he was a real nice and decent person. I hope we can honor him in many good ways so his wife and children can be proud.

  3. WFPK will spend the day tomorrow, Thursday June 25th, celebrating Tim’s life and music at 91.9 FM. A dear friend to the radio station and the entire Louisville music community he’ll be sorely missed.

  4. This is a very sad day. My heart goes out to Tim’s family, fellow musicians and all of the dedicated people who love Tim and his music. He was Louisville’s favorite son; an amazing writer and performer – and he was the nicest guy you would ever want to know. This is a very sad day, indeed.

  5. We are so sorry to hear this news. Louisville was lucky to have him. Our sympathies to Tim’s family and friends (special thoughts go out to Murph and Tiff).
    Love and peace to all.

  6. My friends and I always made an effort to see him play, especially at Air Devil’s Inn. He was a great musician and extremely talented. He will be sadly missed.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Tim’s wife, family and fellow fans.

  7. Tim was such an amazing artist. I remember the first time I saw him perform. It was at Molly Malones 9 years ago. I had recently moved here from Austin, Texas. I could not believe Louisville was so lucky to have someone of his talent performing at Molly Malones. Tim was Louisville’s hidden gem. He was a kind spirit – always willing to share a few moments of his time with others between sets.

    Tim, your physical being will be missed… Your spirit will always live on. Thank you for sharing your words and being with us. I am so thankful I walked into Molly Malones 9 years ago and discovered your music. Louisville’s music community will not be the same without you…

  8. I just heard the news and I can not believe it. It just seems like the other night I was watching him sing. I always looked so forward to going out and listening to him. In some of my lowest times, he could sing one note and bring me out of darkest day. Thanks for your gift of music. I will miss you!

  9. Played a couple shows with Tim Krekel a few years back. I’ll never forget his kind words. The Tim Krekel sound will defintley be missed in the area. Guys like me learn from masters like him. My prayers are with his family.

  10. Always loved dancing with my husband in the living room to “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” but nothing beat a nice hot loud crazy “Dance or Die” with TKO on a Saturday night. His songs are awesome but if you turn off the stereo and just read his lyrics, they’re sheer poetry. Gonna miss him.

  11. I am sorry this turmed out to be so long but It is part of what I remember and how I feel.
    I Worked and played with Tim in the 60’s. The group was The Lynchmen, with Pam Clark, Don Harris, Sam Stockard, Daryl Hess, Frank Brentzel. We were with both Joni and later, Triangle Talent booking agencies in those days but more importantly, we were all great friends. Don Harris was drafted into the Marine Corp. in 1967 and that ended our band relationship. This was Tim’s first professional band, he was 15 yrs. old. I still have reel to reel tapes of our practices from back then and copies of the pictures from the Joni agency photo session, which will all be constant fond reminders to me of Tim. The comments on the tapes are priceless as well as the learning of the songs. Even then, Tim was creative, making suggestions and adding to the group. We all would go out and enjoy shopping for musical equipment together as well as, believe it or not, horseback riding at Iquoise park. Yeah I know picture Tim on a horse. He was serious, as well as were all of us, about the music. I have the original recording session tapes of the songs we recorded for Triangle Talent done by Hardy Martin. As time went by you forget how good the band and Tim was even back then. He had a style that was unique. I was the bass player, I originally played guitar until Tim Joined the group. I said that to say this, I went back to the guitar after the group disbanded and I was so influenced by Tim’s style after playing with him for several years that I still have the same licks and style that rubbed off on me from Tim. I lived in Georgia for 18, and I would talk to Tim from time to time when he lived in Nashville. We both had our lives to live and after a while, I lost touch with him. I moved back to Ky. in 2006. On a sad note, I called Tim about 3 weeks ago and was setting up a date in order to get the old members of the Lynchmen together for a reunion, that is when I found out about his condition. He sounded good at the time and he told me to let him know when the date for the reunion was set and he would love to attend. I had no idea of what was to come. I will greatly miss Tim and regret I did not have time to set up the reunion before now. Don Harris is in a rehab hospital and I was cordinaing the date based on his ability to attend. I Found out Tuesday night that Tim had gotten married and since I live in Shelbyville, I did not know in advance and I am sorry I missed that. You know at my age, 61, I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday but I can remember almost every thing Tim either said or did from those days and the times I talked to him. When I would come back to Loiusville for a visit, I would go to where he was playing, i.e. Pheonix Hill, Dutches and other venues playing with his group. There was a speacial song, in fact I believe it was the only song Tim sang with the Lynchmen other than background parts, called “Bare footin”. When ever he would see me come into where he was playing, he would sing that song as kind of a Hi Dave and it seemed like it was a code that only Tim and I knew. It is really hard to type that. Some friends are close and some are forever, Tim is for me forever. So Tim keep on Bare Footin. Be with God.

  12. It was a great day to listen to WFPK. There were a lot of emotional moments and eloquent testimonials, not to mention great music. I didn’t know Tim, although it felt like it. He will be missed.

  13. Hugs and kisses to all the Krekies out there, family & friends. Extra hug all the way from Virginia for my bro in law and sis, Michael and Tiffany Murphy during their sorrow.

  14. tim was always very gracious to me and encouraging. we all looked up to him. all of us in the louisville merry pranksters send our condolances to his family and friends. god speed tim!

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