Nice Sarcasm Leonard

You definitely want to check out the FAKE NEWS issue of LEO, or is it the more mature cousin Leonard, which has us chuckling. No, Laughing. Really Hard. It’s like they hired writers from The Onion for a week.

Nobody’s unscathed, like…

  • the Zoo, where a panda bear considers an abortion
  • the Original Highlands, which are not
  • St. James, where some of that stuff really isn’t art.
  • State Government, for which the new motto, “God Help Us All” fits.
  • that Sojourn Church, for preaching that God and sex are mutually exclusive
  • our beloved 2X, who can’t seem to get a spokesgig.
  • Cordish, with a story about taking over government so close to the truth it’s scary.
  • our personal fave, a pool of money from local TV stations used to buy a snow machine in a desperate ratings generator.
  • A flower found in the dark, abandoned Louisville Gardens.
  • A piece with quotes from dogs on Cherokee Hill.

and a few more on bridges, horses, the police chief and gays.

3 thoughts on “Nice Sarcasm Leonard

  1. And how about that little performance from the Metro funny. LEO’s fake issue is great and I hope to see more….

  2. Don’t forget — the Onion has proved quite prescient on more than one occasion. You could have a good time with a poll asking which story in Leo will actually come true in 10 years.

  3. I think that the fake issue is one of the worst moves that LEO has made in a series of increasingly bad decisions. It seems that LEO’s editorial staff is determined to show the public that they really don’t care about what the community needs and wants. First the community listings were eliminated at the same time they went to a glossier, smaller format, and now this. Basically a “no-news” issue with no events listings, guaranteed to drive readers and advertisers to Velocity. Thin as Velocity’s content is, at least you can find out what’s going on in town.

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