King and Abramson Holding Weighty Meeting

Oh, to be in on the 4 p.m. meeting this afternoon at Jerry’s office.  In one corner, our Mayor for Life and budget slasher — Jerry Abramson. Across the desk, Budget committee chair and a suddenly big spender for the Metro Council, Jim King.

It’s hardly a prize fight, but going into today’s meeting there are clear areas of disagreement. Yesterday, King’s Council committee released its suggestions that restore funding to plenty of organizations and using money to do it from sources that the Mayor considers off the table.

For instance, King’s plan calls for simply taking $2 million from the Louisville Water Co. City spokesman Chris Poynter said that’s one of several items in the Council plan that won’t fly.

“The Water Company has an agreement in place to return money to the government,” he said. “And remember how wet it’s been, and there’s not as much water being used.”

Poynter said the idea of marketing the building housing the Neighborhoods department by August 1 is not realistic and would not likely raise the $1.5 million promised in the plan. He said Council ideas for shutting down the Neighborhoods Department and eliminating Brightside would also not be agreed to. And taking $750,000 from the Downtown Development Corporation is unlikely.

So how much of the millions in additional spending proposed by the Council yesterday will actually be funded?

2 thoughts on “King and Abramson Holding Weighty Meeting

  1. After jerry tells King NO!….and they have a three min discussion on the budget issues, King will cave in, and most likely attempt to butter Jerry up for his support to run for Mayor. Jerry will most likely Lie to him and agree to throw some weight his way and also get his good friends Cordish to chip in also.
    Then jerry and his cronnies will laugh their ass off when King leaqves!

  2. Are You Kidding!…..Jerry tell a lie?….Jerry is a CONTROL FREAK…..And will punk the Council at every turn!

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