20 thoughts on “Prayers for Tim Krekel’s Family

  1. A gift to Louisville but his songs were never played at the airport! Pehraps Mayor Jerry can order his music palyed at the Louisville Ariport for a week along with My Morning Jacket and Cage the Elephant). Keith Richards when asked what its like to be in the world’s greatest rock and roll band said, “Any night of the year, a band can be the world’s greatest rock and roll band. When Zena’s closed last Winter on a cold February night, I saw at that moment the world’s greatest rock and roll bank–the Tim Krekel Band. And I got to tell him so taht night. He and the band were awesome–one of the ten best moments in my rock and roll life. I have seen the Stones, McCartney, Bruce Springsteen,(1976-2009) Brian Wilson, Al Green, James Brown, Aretha, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac (before Rumors), U2, My Morning Jacket (@Louisville Gardens), Roy Orbison, Emily Lou Harris, Cage the Elephant (see them at the Forecastle Festival in July), the Clash, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Santana with Neal Schon) and a dozen others bands around the world. Anyway, Tim you were great and I hope this post gets to you in your room.

    Hans Dutchman

  2. Everyone should call the Mayor, Heine Brothers, airport and WFPK to play Tim Krekel music. The Mayor should also declare Tim Krekel day tomorrow. Thanks, John

  3. How come you throw stuff like this out there and then leave everyone hanging. People that don’t know Tim Krekel or his condition would like to know what is going on with him.

  4. I’m sorry I don’t have more information. The family has requested privacy. We know Tim is resting, is surrounded by loved ones and that many people are praying for him. That’s all we can do.

  5. Tim has passed. He fought hard to stay alive and at one time last night it looked like he was gone. He fought hard to stay alive but passed away an hour ago. Let’s hope we can have a celebration of his music soon and help raise money for his medical bills.

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  7. Today is a sad day for Louisville music lovers. I’ve followed Tim since he played church basements in the west end in the mid 60’s. I always teased him that he took my girlfriend and I was forced to learn to play guitar to win her back. This town feels a little empty tonight. He is missed. Prayers to the family and friends.

  8. I was lucky one night about three or four years ago and saw Tim (with his band and solo) at the Air Devil Inn on Taylorsville Road in the ‘ville. The Air Devil may have been a bit of a dive (but a legendary dive) …but no one has ever rocked harder than Tim that night. As we say in New Jersey (where we know a thing or two about
    these things): “He blew the roof off the ‘jernt!” Tim could flat-out rock.

  9. Debbie, our thoughts are with you today. We already miss him. He brought so much joy into our lives. We will be dancing to his music for the rest of our lives!

    Take Care

  10. Tim came Maine every summer that my family owned the Moosehead Inn, we loved Tim and the girls, then Deb. They stayed at our Inn, our home. When Tim was in Rockwood ot was the highlight of our summer, he Rocked our Inn, bringing Jason’s bands, and many others from southern maine came with him to Moosehead. He brought so much life and love to our family and we will dance and listnen to his music for the rest of our lives. god has got so damn good music to, lucky!!!!! ALL MY BEST TO KATIE AND ANNA

  11. Tim had fans in W. North Carolina. WNCW played some tunes on Friday. It was sad news of a great player passing on. I really loved his music. Many thanks Tim. jim meiring, highlands, nc

  12. I saw Tim on “Jammin” at Hippie Jacks” (PBS) the last two Saturday nights. After the first night I made it a point to see him the second night. He was great! I decided to learn more about him only to find he is gone. What a horrible loss! Even now, he has a new fan.

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