One More DTV Item and Guns

D-T-V: If you’ve been watching TV news, you probably expected the slew of stories about the 2% of Louisville households not ready for DTV. But WHAS has been having its managers staff a phone line since Friday that won’t stop ringing. Even Mark Pimentel is putting hours in telling people how to set their boxes.

Slots Rally: Big news in Frankfort today is a rally for slots to save the horse, or horsie, as Jake puts it, industry.  We’re no more optimistic that the slots legislation will pass today than we were, uh, ever. [Page One]

UK in Host’s Arena?: Nobody at today’s media tour for news reporters asked Jim Host about UK playing there, but the questions were different in the tour for sports reporters afterward. It would have been more fun with the second group. Of course, Kyle Draper probably didn’t ask about construction accidents, either. Anyway, your local news leads tonight with Arena stories.

Gun Shy: A local church is providing an alternative (is one needed?) to the idea of bringing guns to church. Thomas Jefferson Unitarian is promoting this: “Bring your Peaceful Heart…Leave your Gun at Home” in response to New Bethel’s widely publicized “Open Carry Celebration” (first reported here). [Peter Smith]

Ironic Gun Location: Speaking of guns, the death of a 15-year-old Valley Station boy from a gunshot wound to the face got the attention of the C-J edit board, which found it interesting that the accident took place one mile down the road from New Bethel Church. [Courier]

9 thoughts on “One More DTV Item and Guns

  1. What is even more interesting is that gun violence occurs all over Louisville from the SW to the East and of course in the WEST. Does that mean we should ban the sale, possession, and constitutional right to keep and bear arms for personal protection and self defense not to mention hunting. Lets face it that Newburg is only 2 or 3 miles from the Highlands and there is no irony that gun violence occurs regularly in Buechel and Newburg. Maybe instead of gun control, we should have idiot control or proper discipline and common sense.

  2. It isn’t related to anything above, but you guys ought to watch yesterday’s (June 16) Metro budget hearing featuring the comedic stylings of Bruce Traugbher. He repeats a couple of times that good old line about ‘trusting him’ and referring to his and Jer’s ‘track record’ that – he says – speaks for itself.

    Bruce! It does speak for itself! Why do you think people are bitching!

    Anyways, it’s all good stuff. Bruce gets mad, then petulous, at Hal Heiner’s questions about PARC’s ‘Buy High- Sell Low’ methods, along with the stupid grocery plan, and Cordish. Heiner just smiles at him.

    It’s all on the Metro Council’s web site.

  3. I think it’s fascinating that they all used “IN THE FACE” in the headline and/or teaser. Not enough just to say a 15-year-old was fatally shot. Had to say “IN THE FACE”.

    They never say the injury point when it’s a chest wound…or even a head wound somewhere other than IN THE FACE.

  4. I’d prefer UK never appear in this city unless they’re playing UofL, but if they have to, let them play at the state fairgrounds.

  5. Ted, self-discipline and self-idiot-proofing is impossible to legislate. And we need to, again, put to rest this idea that _anyone_ is trying to keep guns away from anyone. Just because we don’t want to _celebrate_ guns, doesn’t mean we don’t respect them and think people don’t have a right to own and carry them. Should we celebrate objects (especially ones that can kill/maim) — wouldn’t that be a form of idolatry? Idolatry of killing devices just isn’t my cup of tea and not only am I not endorsing it, I will criticize it from here to eternity.

    Earl, you’re wrong. The word is “petulant”. :) Other than that, you’ve got Traughber nailed.

  6. I’m blaming Google. Do you think I could sue them for a defective spell-check?

    I’m going out and scouting TARC buses for an attorney right now!

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