Freak…and Dave, Out at CW

The experiment that brought a couple of local sports radio shows to television on the CW is about to come to an end.

Calling it a business decision, Craig Hoffman said today that the two shows will be off the schedule by July 4. Hoffman, the station’s community relations director, said the station is discussing the idea of a new local sports show that would debut in late summer or early fall. That show, he said, could include a role for former University of Louisville QB turned media personality Dave Ragone.

“I would not be surprised to see him do something here down the road,” Hoffman said.

The current shows — Dave and Sports in the Morning (6-8 a.m.) and The Freak Show with John Renshaw (11:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.) — both suffered a loss of personnel recently. Renshaw left town unexpectedly in may, while Ragone’s broadcast partner, Scott Padgett, took a job on Coach John Calipari’s staff at UK.

Those shows were part of a broadcast agreement between the station and Dugan Ryan, who produced and sold the shows. Ryan said he’s interested in working toward an agreement with the station’s new owners about future programming.

The sports shows were canceled on radio last November when Cumulus Broadcasting changed formats of its 93.9 station, which had been all sports talk. They started doing the show from the CW studios in January.

3 thoughts on “Freak…and Dave, Out at CW

  1. I for one will miss those shows. Although they are not slick productions by any means, they have a great local flair to them. I hope that similar local sports programming can be arranged in the future.

  2. I liked watching Dave and Scott in the morning — thought it was pretty informative and the two had a good rapport.

    I never really got Renshaw, though. The few times I caught his radio show, I heard more crude humor than sports talk.

  3. I have no idea why John Renshaw gets so many great opportunities to work in the sports talk radio field. From what I have learned about him, he is very irresponsible. Why does he keep getting chances?? Anyone know why? I knew him when he went to military school in my hometown in VA over twenty years ago. He was an arrogant jerk then and it seems not much has changed in the last twenty years! Karma sucks, huh John?? He did something horrific to me a long time ago and I feel that he is not deserving of any happiness in life. He is pure evil to me!! I wish I had the courage to speak out about what he did to me back when it happened. But it is never too late to stand up for yourself. I am not an afraid fourteen year old anymore!! I hope he sees my face everytime he goes to sleep at night !! I have no idea how he looks at himself in the mirror! He knows what he did to me. To all the women out there, be careful if you are alone with him!! I learned the hard way what kind of person he is! People like him never change. In fact, I think they get worse!! It’s hard to believe he is not in jail yet!

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