Sypher’s Night on the Town

Did anyone really fall for the sob story from Karen Cunagin Sypher in the AP story that came out last week?

In it, she described the horror movie that her life has become since she was charged with extortion and lying to the FBI about a scheme to get money from U of L basketball coach Rick Pitino.

She claims she was “set up” but doesn’t explain what that means.

Here’s how that piece started:

She doesn’t have a job and has taken to going to Mass every weekday morning. Except when she has to pick up her children from school, she stays home and out of sight, dreading the next time she might end up on the front page of the newspaper.

Really? We’re wondering if her kids go to school near the Avalon Restaurant on Bardstown Road, where she was spotted Saturday night at the bar, staying for several hours. Just hours after telling a reporter that she was thinking of applying for food stamps, she was downing premium tequila in a swanky nightspot.

Of course, she was all dolled up and it’s doubtful she had to buy her own drinks, and we didn’t get the name of the man she was sitting with. Her presence did cause quite a stir, though.

26 thoughts on “Sypher’s Night on the Town

  1. Innocent til proven guilty? So what if she had a drink. Is that a crime? Maybe that GUY was a friend. I bet she could use one about now!

  2. “Innocent til proven guilty? So what if she had a drink. Is that a crime?”

    I have no idea what happened and what didn’t, but if Sypher is going to try and influence public opinion and a potential jury pool by playing the victim card and giving boo-hoo stories through formal press conferences, then she has invited this scrutiny. She is the one out there seeking interviews with the media. Media exposure works both ways.

    It is obvious that her legal strategy is to play the innocent, pathetic duped victim card. If I were Pitino, I would have a PI tracking and recording her every move and purchase to rebut her likely position that he ruined her life and career.

  3. Who’s to say he’s not, Mark? I have no tolerance for people like her. She thought she was gonna make a quick buck and it’s blowing up in her face. Watch out for that karma thing.

  4. Yes, innocent til proven guilty. And I wonder which bar Rick was hanging out at last night or the night before. I heard he hangs at Napa now instead of the usual Porcini. Lets just close Napa down for Ricks late night party instead of Porcini. Lets just throw stones right now.

  5. When Rick blogs on here about being afraid of going out and claiming poverty and then paints the town red, you can chuck the first stone his way.

    Until then, it’s apples:oranges.

  6. If Rick called a press conference to complain that his life has been ruined and that he can’t go out in public, his drinking and party habits would then be equally be fodder for scrutiny.

    Guilty or not, I think Jake is well justified in pointing out actions that contradict her public statements.

  7. Rick could never claim poverty for one thing and secondly she had a press conference to defend herself. Innocent til proven guilty.

  8. I don’t think her last press conference was to defend herself – it was clearly a woe is me, pity party for the most part. If she’s innocent until proven guilty , she needs to stay out of the press, keep her nose clean and let her actions speak.

  9. Rick has some connection to this”B” we have yet to find out…or he would not have tried to pay her. As for affairs who knows what drives people, a different woman, good sex that your wife won’t do…maybe he wanted to try a blonde,anyway there is something to her story as the old saying goes, what there is smoke , there is fire!

  10. How does ‘morning mass’ conflict with picking her kids up at school????

    “Morning” mass is in the ‘morning’, and if you look around you will find more than one time available. Even summer schools /camps don’t let out before ~ noon, which would only conflict with ‘noon’ mass.

    You’d think her lawyer could sober her up and help her learn to tell time so her lies are at least plausible.

  11. Maybe she just decided to go out with a friend and let all of your comments like everything said here go for just ONE minute! Good god, so what. A pretty women with a little cleavage and a cocktail. That is NOT murder! Obviously something happened. It just happened to be one of Louisvilles untouchables, Rick Pitino. Blog, blog, blog.

  12. Wait a minute, this is the wrong girl. This is Patti Swope ! Does anyone have any rumors ?

  13. Well I guess that story of not being able to leave her home was a little exaggerated to say the least.

  14. I love Rick Pitino. He’s a hell of a coach and a nice man. I’ve had the chance to meet him a few times. He always treated me and the people I was with very well and made me feel comforable talking with him.

    With that said, had he not cheated on his wife, he wouldn’t be in this mess. It’s clear that this woman is trying to make a quick buck and is lying about what Rick did to her. So I don’t feel sorry for either one of them. She shouldn’t whore around and the holler a crime was committee against her and Pitino shouldn’t cheat on his wife.

    If either party involved would have acted with some morals, Ms Sypher wouldn’t be facing prison and Rick wouldn’t be facing his reputation being tarnished.

  15. Here’s a fact for you.
    If men would grow some backbone(to use a euphemism),and refuse to allow this sort of garbage from female turds like this….women would actually stop lying about these matters.
    I love how the woman in these types of cases will always find so much blind sympathy.You expect other lying,conniving women to be behind her.But what’s the brainwashed,liberal men’s excuse?

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