Berman Brings Home a Bad Report Card

JCPS Superintendent Sheldon Berman is not too popular with the rank-and-file instructors in the Jefferson County Teachers Association.

Nearly 1,000 JCTA members filled out a survey on Berman’s performance, and the results send a clear message that the system’s top administrator is doing less-than-average work — nearly half (45.6 percent) gave him a D or an F. Another 32.3 percent gave him a C.

So what brought about all this criticism? 64% disagree with the statement that he’s made their workload more manageable.

57% don’t think he’s become a partner in the community. 60% disagree that he has shown effective leadership supporting teachers.

Only 11.4% say he’s taken steps to reduce paperwork, and only 18.1% agree that he cares about them as a person.

For a full report, including specific juicy comments from teachers in the survey, take a look at the detailed post over at Page One.

3 thoughts on “Berman Brings Home a Bad Report Card

  1. Curious how this compares to other like sized school systems. Coming from the corporate world, the CEO could be handing out bags of money and candy and most everyone would still assume they’re:
    A) A criminal
    B) A jerk
    So i would have to think school systems aren’t much different. You add to that the general bad vibe of the economy and lack of funding, and well that likely means a rather stressed work force to begin with.

    I remember some involvements with school districs back home, and how much like gov’t offices they forcibly spend their budgets each year. Whether they needed those books/computers/pencil sharpeners or not. So you tend to get spoiled in always having free capital to spend, then economy/budget tanks…and here we are.

  2. I agree that while this doesn’t sound good, there is no context here. How have previous JCPS superintendents fared? Or how about other cities of comparable size, as global asks? I doubt that many superintendents get uniformly high scores on these kinds of surveys.

  3. I spoke to Steve Neal after this story posted, and he said that a survey of this type has never been done before. So there is no context. You might deduct from this that anyone with a chance to anonymously bash the boss would do so, but it’s still worth reporting the results.

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