WLKY Reporter Leaving for School

OK, this is for those of you paying close attention. Last week, we told you a certain local TV reporter was none too happy with our little website.

It was WLKY reporter Kate Cornell, who is in her last week at the station. She’s moving to our nation’s capital to attend school at Georgetown. She’s not the first full-time reporter to give up the TV biz and get more education, and we wish her well. Her undergraduate degree is from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Here’s a random clip of her from Derby Week.

Last month, after WAVE’s Scott Harvey left his job, we thought it seemed likely Cornell would soon leave Louisville. So there.

6 thoughts on “WLKY Reporter Leaving for School

  1. Kate – Best of luck to you (and Scott?) as you move ahead! We’ve enjoyed seeing you on the local airwaves, and we’ll miss you. DC is a great place (one of my favorites), and you’ll probably always be glad you spent time there.

  2. Kate is a little hottie. The Louisville TV landscape just got a little uglier. Not much else to look at anymore.

  3. So I’m scrolling down the VV page, just scanning some stories, and stop to read this one. As I read further and scroll the page, a picture comes into view of a really attractive blonde in a somewhat skimpy tank top. Wow, I’m thinking, that’s a pretty hot and revealing pic for a TV reporter.

    Then I scroll further and it’s an online ad for a dating service.

    Pretty tricky ad placement there, Mr. Redding.


  4. Wonder who told you that Kate is disliked by everyone in the WLKY newsroom and why you took his or her word as the gospel truth, because that’s most certainly not the case.

    Also, calling Kate an “insufferable bitch?” Way to keep it classy and professional, Jake. And you wonder why some local media folk don’t want to cooperate when you call or e-mail them?

  5. I had grown irritated at Kate’s on-air quirk: a seeming inability to stop smiling, even when reporting on a shooting or murder.

  6. The economy and politics affects everyone. Scott Harvey, Kate going back to school, Stephanie Segretto. All great reporters who are either leaving the biz all together or moving on to other markets. We wish them all the best.

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