Finally, DTV Deadline Passes and A Cameo

Does Your TV Still Work?: Maybe, just maybe, this will be the last time we mention the DTV transition. Who am I kidding? Expect stories about the people somehow caught by surprise when their TV didn’t work this morning, who blame the goverment or their TV stations, or better yet, who decide to get rid of their TVs. The analog transmitters shut off at 9 this morning.

Belles Cameo: The Southern Belles series was taped last fall, so that was Judicial candidate, not Judge, Katie King in a lengthy cameo on the show last night. Hadley was looking for a mentor/adviser, because she was having man/career troubles, and sought out our fave judge at the St. James Art Fair, proceeding to wear a campaign t-shirt and hand out buttons.

To the Ninth Degree: A new study from the Greater Louisville Project is not good for city officials. Louisville finished 9th among 15 cities in the study measuring the number of college grads in the 25-34 age group. The ‘Ville is at 31.9%, while Raleigh leads the way at 49.4%. The rate is barely improved (0.9%) compared with 2007 numbers. [Courier]

Saying No to Tolls: Gov. Beshear’s economic plan includes setting up a tolling authority to finance bridge construction, but the plan doesn’t sit well with Louisville lawmakers, according to Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark, who says city leaders won’t vote for Beshear’s plan. We don’t think the Gov’s gaming plan is going to get done, either. [Courier]

No Wonder: You guessed this, but the top recipient of tobacco money in Congress? Mitch McConnell. Ed Whitfield, Jim Bunning and Ron Lewis are in the Top 15. [Open Secrets]

Zip Code History: Check out a nostalgic look at the history of local post offices in a V.V. comment from Jeff Noble.  The point — post offices come and go. Other point — Mail? you’re still using mail? [Comments]

Get In the Train Line: More lawsuits have been filed against the Louisville Zoo. And the injuries seem to be getting worse as the dollar signs light up. [Fox41]

Mongiardo Announces: Lt. Gov. and U.S. Senate candidate Daniel Mongiardo announced wife Allison is pregnant, expecting at the end of the year.  Jack Conway’s wife is pregnant too. Which will be the first to a diaper-change photo opp? [Fox41]

15 thoughts on “Finally, DTV Deadline Passes and A Cameo

  1. Tolls are patently unfair as…

    1) Why does this region have to shoulder all the costs, when the whole of Kentucky benefits from the enhanced commerce the East End Bridge will bring?

    2) Why do the good people of Southern Indiana have to bear the biggest brunt of the tolls, whether they hold jobs in Kentucky or they are Hoosier business owners who face reduced business because fewer Kentuckians will choose to cross the river?

    Kentucky’s funding mechanism for the East End Bridge (we don’t need the Downtown Bridge, btw) should come from a base that reaches from all of Kentucky.

  2. Rick sometimes I read this stuff for a big laugh.

    I mean anyone who would go to Katie King for advice on men or career has got to be a bimbo. Her track record with men is so great herself right?

    So let’s see the requirement for bimbo’s 101 to qualify to give advice are as follows:

    1. Get caught with marijuana throughout your home and have your then boyfriend take the rap to save your future for daddy. Check

    2. Have 911 called because you are stalking an ex boyfriend at his home. Check.

    3. Career advice? First find a rich daddy (sugar daddy will work in a pinch)……..

    Yep these Southern Belles are sure representative of the normal women in Kentucky. Sarcasm purely intended.

  3. To hell with Southern Bimbos…er Belles. Most troubling thing I see is how low we rate in college graduates. Mayor McCheese can cheerlead all the downtown development he wants, but where is his push to build intellectual development – that should be Job 1. Ramsey is going to get a three year contract extension, but UofL remains a Tier 3 university? We are losing ground where it counts and people better not be waiting for Ford to hire more high school grads at inflated wages.

  4. The digital change isn’t over. Expect an FCC edict to start the NTSC transmitters back up next week.

    Again, congress is a bunch of wussies who won’t make a decision.

  5. Amen, AB! Though guess no college degrees are needed for all of the service jobs at 4th Street Live. I’d like to see more development targeted toward making Louisville a better place to live and work than to visit as a conference attendee or tourist. (And by the way, good luck w/ that, until Louisville gets more direct flights into its airport, more reliable cab service, etc.)

  6. Ann hit a major issue on the nose – our lousy air service and embarassing cabs. I had a business associate come in from Northern Virginia this week. He had to go from Dulles to Atlanta to Louisville. On the way back he went Louisville to Cincinnati to Dulles. Lots easier just to skip the second leg and do business in Atlanta and Cincinnati.

  7. Steve M.,

    I’m not completely opposed to tolls. It’s like a ticket tax on an arena project. The more you use it, the more you should pay for it. You could always have an EZ pass discount system for local, high-volume drivers.

    In addition, tolls would allow people passing through — who would make up a decent amount of the bridge traffic — to pay for it as well.

    John, I’ve mentioned the TIF idea to a couple of people. Only hang up is I don’t know what the legalities are for doing one across county and state lines. But I love the theory. If Scott County gets a new plant because of the bridge, then some of that tax revenue should go toward it. Perfectly logical to me.

  8. One of the purposes of the east end bridge is to encourage through I-64 traffic to take the bypass and allow delaying having to tear down the Cochran Hill Tunnel and adding a new lane to I-64. With a toll, more people are going to take the free route through downtown. The costs to widen I-64 there will far exceed the revenue from any bridge tolls.

  9. Steve B., I would lean toward your position if it was only the drivers using the bridge who attained economic benefit from the bridge’s existence. In my view, we need to think more in terms of who gains economically once the bridge is in place. That leaves room for some kind of compromise, I think.

    As for the TIF, I’ll have to research that one.

  10. Bigger story is why WHAS-TV’s OTA signal is kaput!! Hundreds cannot get their air signal at all now, whether via converter box or, sitting down for this? Nor via a HD TV set! They will be hemorrhaging shortly.. air-time spot sales will drop like flies.

  11. i do not see

    3 (sometimes)
    19 digital (34 ota)
    32 some times

    where i am. basically i am where the stonybrook theatres are. this is why i did not want the digital transition even though i was aware of it. i cannot understand how i could pick up every one of those channels with the analog but can’t with the allegedly superior technology. except the “superior technology” is fatally flawed because it takes more power to cover the same area.

    this was a great idea on paper, but executed in the worst possible way ever and now people who did everything they were supposed to to prepare for the transition are screwed.

  12. i would like to add that the only anntenna that i used were just an old pair of rabbit ears. 3, 21, 32 came in clear, 11 and 15 were at least watchable.

  13. Get cable or sat tv, then you wont have a problem getting signals at all, Except for the cost, rain, wind storms, ice storms … sarcasm intended!

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