Valley Station Worried About Losing P.O.

Yesterday, rumors were circulating that the tiny Valley Station post office on Dixie Highway was being considered for closure because the government needed to consolidate offices to save money.

Bob Henderson, the District 14 Metro Councilman, confirmed that there had been rumors coming from within the branch that a move to the Pleasure Ridge Park branch might be in the works.

In addition, we had multiple sources advise us that workers at the Valley Station branch had been ordered to keep news of any impending changes from the media and that they weren’t to discuss the matter publicly. Citizens say the branch is always busy.

Today we’ve obtained an e-mail sent from local postmaster Steven Gregory. It reads, in part:

The Postal Service is losing volume and revenue and is looking to consolidate facilities. 

Last year, the Post Office announced it was cutting back on the number of mailboxes. Now it is apparently taking a look at closing branches.

Is this just another example of a government agency dumping on the South End? Or are a bunch of post offices getting ready to go away? Anyone else hearing that their post office is being considered for closure?

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  1. I wouldn’t say closing the Valley branch would be dumping on the South End.

    In all honesty, the PRP branch on Greenwood Road is not that far from the Valley Station area (perhaps 10 minutes from the current branch).

    I’d hope to see a new branch in Valley, but it’s not like we need a postal branch in every neighborhood.

    Gary, I wouldn’t be surprised about the one in Beechmont, especially considering how close it is to the Airport facility.

  2. I’ve wondered for years why the one at Woodlawn and 3rd has stayed open since the Allmond Ave branch opened.

  3. I use that P.O. all the time and no matter what time of day I go in, there is always a line. Sorry to hear that it’s closing, the employees there are so wonderful.

  4. Perhaps if the postal service were better at serving the customer, there wouldn’t be an issue. The post office has competition from Fed Ex and UPS and is failing. UPS ground service will get to Atlanta Georgia before USPS service from here.

  5. Post offices come and go. I don’t think this is a conspiracy against the South End. I also don’t personally consider Valley Station in the South End – I still call it Southwest Jefferson. And this isn’t the first post office in the area to disappear although the one before it was many years ago – Kosmosdale (40149). The “72” in the Valley Station Post Office falls in line alphabetically with the other post offices beginning with 401- which is the prefix which serves the area generally west of Louisville, while 400- is that generally east of Louisville.

    There used to be a post office in Old Louisville (40208) near Standard Oil. Once there was no Standard Oil, there was no reason for a separate post office. There used to be one on Dixie Highway at Wilson Avenue (40210). In fact, if you drive past the building, the zip code part of the sign is still there. No more. There used to be a Camp Taylor post office on Belmar Drive (40213), and generations before that one on Preston called Prestonia serving the same area. Before 1955, the Fairdale Post Office (40118) was a few blocks south and called Coral Ridge.

    Post offices come and go based on needs and services. The Highland Park Post Office (40209) is entirely gone, as is Highland Park, and even though the Crittenden Drive post office is in the 40209 area, it carries a 40221 zip code which was originally designated for Standiford Field, and in fact, was originally in the far western end of the old Lee Terminal. When the Shelby Street post office (40217) moved across the street to Preston Street, the old facility was used for offices for a while as a training facility – now it is a liquor store. The old Okolona post office (40219), actually the third of that name to my knowledge, now serves at the Highland Park Lodge. As a side note, the name of the Okolona community was decided because the proposed name, Lone Oak, was already taken by a post office in McCracken County and thus the sounds in Lone Oak were rearranged to make the word Okolona. The Bullitt County part of the Okolona Zip Code 40229 is now served by a facility known as the Tanyard Springs/Hillview Post Office which has its own zip code, 40129, but no delivery area.

    I remember years ago when there was an outcry over the Shively Post Office (40216) being moved out of the City of Shively, from 7th Street Road over to Crums Lane. Again, post offices move and change identities based on needs, not conspiracies.

    The exception to this might be names. The last two Congresses, the current 111th and the 110th, changed the names of more post offices than nearly all the previous Congresses combined. The Louisville area was not spared. The Hikes Point Post Office (40220) has one of the longest official names of any in the country, having been rechristened as the Iraq and Afghanistan Fallen Heroes of Louisville Memorial Post Office.


  6. I did notice in the town next to me that while we have a full service post office of reasonable size, they opened a “new post office express” (or whatever they are calling it) in the local grocery store in town. They are like only 1 mile apart.

  7. I can’t get anyoen to go on record with this but I am being told by some insiders the reason for the closing is financial because the owner of the property is raising the payments drastically and the Post office would not pay the new rates.

    If that is the case there is plenty of property in the area that would suffice assuming a landlord could work out agreable terms.

  8. Ed,

    I remember hearing something about the property behind the Sonic being available or even acquired by the post office.

    Who owns the land for the current facility? Are they looking to do something with the land?

  9. Good questions Steve and ones I cannot answer at this time. I have not looked deep enough into the land behind Sonic and I also have heard that Thieneman has plenty of property out there available as well.

    There are not enough hours in the day right now for me to research everything. When I do I will make sure I post it.

  10. Closing the Valley Station Post office would be a hardship for the community. It was bad enough we lost the Southwest Hospital. The Post Office should take over the entire building. If that’s not big enough, they could move into the old Winn-Dixie Building or the old Kroger building beside Wal_Mart. There are more than enough empty buildings in the area without the post office moving too.

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