Following Up on the Zoo and Wayside

Benefit of the Doubt: Zoo director John Walczak called back today, reiterating the emphasis he’s placing on safety after the train derailment. Though he wouldn’t comment on the allegation we reported by Page One that the train always gets stuck at the accident locale or that excessive speed is the probably cause. He did maintain his assertion that no train has derailed in the last two years. Our take — if there’s a problem, Walczak will get it fixed. And answering a reader – there were no surveillance cameras in the area.

Questions Continue in Wayside/JCTC Deal: There are new developments in the proposed purchase of a Broadway hotel by Wayside Christian Mission. WHAS-TV’s Chase Cain will have a report on it at 5, and there’s a possibility that the school across the street, JCTC, could still get the property.

Shocker! Racists in Mt. Washington: Talk about lily white. There are only 27 African-Americans living among Mt. Washington’s 8,427 residents.  Police are looking for the racists who spray-painted  symbols on an African-American family home there. [Courier]

The Governor’s Gambling Plan: Anybody else concerned about the idea of the Lottery Corp. regulating the video slot business at racetracks? That’s one part of Gov. Beshear’s detailed proposal to use video slots to save Kentucky’s horse industry. [Page One]

Courtney’s Rough Start: In Game 1, Kobe Bryant scored 40 in a Laker blowout while being guarded, kind of, by WKU’s Courtney Lee. Then Lee blew a layup in Game 2 that everybody who follows the NBA is talking about. Let’s hope Mr. Lee gets it together in tonight’s Game 3. [Bozich]

Underwear Explodes! Wait, it was an underwear plant that exploded. Down in Campbellsville.  One of many fires (Seelbach Hilton, Lyndon apartment, Mom tries to burn daughter) in the news. [WLKY]

Decker Case Closed: Looks like the case of Decker College, which went out of business nearly four years ago amid an FBI investigation, is over. The feds apparently couldn’t prove allegations of conspiracy and fraud of the school partially owned by former Mass. Gov. William Weld. [Herald-Leader]

2 thoughts on “Following Up on the Zoo and Wayside

  1. In all fairness, former ‘Topper Courtney Lee didn’t “blow” anything in the Laker game. With a fractional second on the clock, he ran full-tilt at the basket to catch a ball heaved from halfcourt, and attempt to tip it in while sailing out of bounds and being guarded by a 7-foot All-Star Spaniard Center. Degree of difficulty is at least 8.5. Other than that, he’s had a great finals.

  2. The racists more than likely were a couple of idiot kids out of school for the summer. To mention that 27 people in Mt. Washington are African American is pointless. Why is it that it is some sort of issue the amount of African Americans there? Or is it more talk about racism when in fact, maybe blacks just like whites like to be with their own race. That’s hardly racist its just wanting to hang out with who you want. That doesn’t make anyone a racist at all. The liberals running around Louisville couldn’t handle living in a small community of like minded people with family values, spirituality, and hard work. Louisville is too much of an urban hole for most living there to understand. Sad but true. Its a shame what Louisville has become over the decades because at one time, it was a clean and prosperous town and not so much anymore instead a town of increasingly bad areas and varied urban issues.

    To make all people in Mt. Washington sound like racist pigs is hardly fair. In fact, I know quite a few people in that town that are not racist at all and have black friends that they work with etc.

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