At Least It’s Not Breaking News

Worst Misuse of the term “Breaking News” We’ve Heard in a Long Time: The headline on the e-mail blast from Jack Conway’s camp screamed: “Breaking News: Conway Gets Major Backing From Key Unions That Represent Over 100,000 Members.” IN ALL CAPS. Happy for you, Jack, but let’s not get in the habit of releasing news this way. [Joe Arnold]

Fancy New Toy: The Full Signal media empire has a new camera, and Jake used it at the Lincoln Memorial Dedication last week. So now we have a new way to make snarky comments about local politicians. [Page One]

Costs More, But Not as Good as Before: TARC held a board meeting this morning to discuss how to stabilize its budget, with the idea of raising fares by a quarter and cutting back on service somehow leading the way as a good idea. [Courier]

Cops On Deck: Tomorrow the Metro Council resumes its budget hearings, with the police scheduled for three potentially contentious hours.

Finally Friday: That’s right. It’s the cut0ff for the digital TV transition, so expect plenty of whining from holdouts who have refused to get their TV’s upgraded. Converter boxes on sale at Meijer last weekend were going for $49.99. [WFPL]

Egotistical Gasbag: The not-so-delicate description of Senate President David Williams in Billy Reed’s piece on how unlikely it is that the Special Session will accomplish anything on the slots issue. [BillyReedSays]

Neighborhood Prejudice: For Fox41’s Bill Lamb, a trip to the Ukraine was inspiration for suggesting that we break down our local South End, West End, East End barriers. Not likely. [Fox41]

Turning Around?: The median homes sales price was up by 1.5% in May, and real estate pros are getting all excited about the market turning around. Even the Home Builders Association’s Chuck Kavanaugh is trying to convince us that the market is good in this editorial, or is it an ad, on WAVE? [Hot Button]

3 thoughts on “At Least It’s Not Breaking News

  1. June 8, 2009 – 11pm news on WAVE-TV
    Just heard Dawne Gee pronounce Shively as “CHIVE-lee”. I replayed the DVR to be sure. Please, please – – someone send her to a voice coach to teach her how to handle the “S” words. Don’t be afraid to approach her with this needed training. Her career will benefit.

  2. Isn’t it already more expensive to ride the TARC bus than to just drive yourself where you need to go? I rode the TARC bus for two years when I was in high school. The fare was 50 cents back then, and it came with several wonderful perks like being hit on by strange men three times my age and trying to hold my breath for the duration of my ride because someone had an accident on the bus again.

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