All About the Money Edition

All those roadblocks paid off for the Crusade — as usual. Happy Monday!

Who Says the Ecoomy’s Bad?: The WHAS Crusade for Children exceeded its collections, slightly, compared with last year, pulling in $5,289,841, led by fire departments in PRP, Fern Creek, McMahan and Highview. [Courier]

No More Free Breadsticks: In Lexington, UK athletes visiting Joe Bologna’s restaurant got a reputation as big tippers.  That’s because Joe himself wasn’t charging them for food, an NCAA violation. So now Joe is banned from UK, and the jocks aren’t allowed in his popular place. [Herald-Leader]

“I Think it Sucks”: Quote of the day from a Greyhound passenger, talking about the bus company’s decision to close its downtown terminal a few hours every day to cut costs. WHAS-TV says that after the report aired, Greyhound singled out passengers who spoke on camera and kicked them out of the terminal. [WHAS-TV]

25 Years Later: If you missed it on Friday, WHAS-TV anchor Gary Roedemeier bid an emotional farewell, and the station put together a batch of tributes. Other than acknowledging that Doug Proffitt will be on a few more newscasts, the station hasn’t announced its plans to replace Gary. [WHAS-TV]

Or $18,894 Per Parking Space: The city bought a parking garage under construction downtown for $8.2 million from a couple of doctors. The garage isn’t finished, and the docs were having trouble getting financing. It was to have served CityBlock, which recently closed. Anyone else wondering why local government, which claims to be broke, needs to own this? [Courier]

The Case Against Slots: Marty Cothran seems to think that if the horse industry just took all the money it’s using to lobby and advertise for slots, and put it into purses, racing’s problems would go away. Just another illogical rant. [Courier]

Triple the Disappointment:  Calvin Borel couldn’t pull off another magical ride on Mine That Bird, which finished third in the Belmont. The story of Kent Desormeaux overcoming last year’s disaster on Big Brown to win his first Belmont, on Summer Bird, just didn’t get too many folks excited about racing. So don’t expect the TV ratings to be up. [USA Today]

Arrested Journalists: North Korea sentenced two American journalists to 12 years of hard labor on vague charges of illegal entry and “committing hostilities against the Korean nation.” They were doing a story on North Korean refugees. [NY Times]

5 thoughts on “All About the Money Edition

  1. Let’s see, $8.2 million for 434 spots rented for $90 a month (well, at least 85% of them). Let’s say they rent them ALL for $90 a month. That’s a whopping $469,000 a year in gross revenue.

    At that rate it’ll only take around 17.5 YEARS to pay for itself, and that’s if you ignore little things like maintenance, operational expenses like power, insurance and staff, etc.

    Nice job, PARC!

    With that kinda math you can go to work for TARC…the geniuses who came up with the “move a million people out of Downtown after Thunder with a couple of dozen buses and a closed interstate” plan…

  2. Don’t forget the present value of that money. Had it been held in Big Head’s rainy day fund for 17 years at a rate of say, 4% it would have damn near doubled.

  3. To answer your question: “Anyone else wondering why local government, which claims to be broke, needs to own this?” I am guessing it is because the city is running out of land to give to the Cordish company and needed some more.

    In regards to Greyhound, does anyone know when (or if) Millers “Trailways” is going to start? The only thing that will fix what Greyhound does is a little healthy competition.

    I do think that everyone needs to be praying to his or her God that those two journalists will be released soon.

  4. How can the TV press not “pound ” the point home that the 770 space garage that the Mayor sold to Cordish for $2.7 million or $3500/space…..was criminaly undersold and should be Compared to this transaction as proof that Jerry be held responsible for screwing the taxpayers out of the asset, and giving it away to his buddies.
    You see Jerry counts on everyone forgetting all his coniving over time…..If the comparrison of these two parking deals dosen’t make you stand up and realize what a crook the Mayor is ?…..then you should at least agree not to vote due to stupidity.

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