For the Last 79,130 Local Households

Finally. We’re in the home stretch of the digital TV transition, and according to the FCC, only 79,130 households in the market are still watching over-the-air TV signals.

The FCC says we’re down to 2.41 percent of households not ready for the DTV transition in the market. The magic date is June 12, so expect to enjoy one final week of public service announcements from local stations attempting to get the attention of the holdouts. Every station has plenty of info available on its website, and a dramatic countdown clock.  Here’s WLKY’s.

The big news from a business standpoint, and the reason local GMs were upset when the date was pushed back from February, is that the transition allows local stations to turn off their analog transmitters, which cost up to $10K a month to operate.

WLKY’s Glenn Haygood, however, says his is a “Nightlight” station, meaning that it will keep its signal operating for an additional month past June 12. Those who tune in via analog will get an informational message about how to get up to speed digitally.

10 thoughts on “For the Last 79,130 Local Households

  1. Just imagine how willing to change they’ll be when their fave teevee show disappears into a fog of digital snow June 12. Enough waiting around for procrastinators, make the switch.

  2. Any suggestions on what I should do with my mini-portable tv set? It’s too small to be a doorstop. The screen is so small that I probably couldn’t read any informational messages.
    I know that LPTV’s don’t have to make the switch, but that 28 was turned off.

    Anyone know what’s going to happen to 24 (WYCS / W24BW)?

  3. Larry – Rig it up as part of a security system at home.

    Or mount a cheap camera on the peep hole of your front door and transmit the signal to the mini-teevee.

    That’s a very lazy thing to do, but could be tons of fun.

  4. “plenty of info available on the tv stations websites”…these holdouts are STILL watching analog tv; what in the world would make you think they have the internet???

  5. “and the reason local GMs were upset when the date was pushed back from February”

    Nobody stopped them from shutting off their NTSC transmitters. In fact, I know of one full power and several low power stations that have turned theirs off already including WBKI. They chose to keep them running so I don’t want to hear any bitching and whinning about that.

    Secondly, if it happens I’ll be surprised. The percentage of people that were “ready” in February has not changed. And as I recall, it went down to the last week in February.

    This whole “nightlight” station is bullshit thought up by a bunch of politicians afraid to grow a pair and make a decision. If these same idiots have of been in charge back in 1940, we would have never gotten television service in the first place or FM stereo much less FM broadcasting.

    Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if the broadcasters had of flipped the FCC off and shut everything down back in February. I can guarantee you that those 79 thousand people would have been ready shortly after that!

  6. you’re not equating watching ‘over-the-air’ with being analog are you? because a LOT of us are still ‘over-the-air’ but have digital equipment and are ready for the change-over.

    you don’t have to pay for cable or satellite to get plenty of tv!

  7. There are appoximately 667, 230 TV households in the Louisville Market. TV ad sales are based on ratings. If memory serves me correctly, ratings are based on percentages – a 1 in Louisville would be 6,672 TV households, a 2 would be 13,344, etc. If there are 79,000 homes in Louisville watching TV via over the air, just getting those folks to tune in to your TV station / programs could really help a station’s rating.

    If that many folks are watching TV via over the air and are not ready, does any one know how many others in Louisville watch TV via over the air?

    No wonder the stations are doing all they can to help these folks make the transisition.

  8. How do they know what I have? And yes, I don’t have cable and I have two TVs hooked up to DTV boxes already.

  9. Why is it that Glenn Haygood was fussing about the entire switch and how much it was costing them since Feb 17th yet now he is proposing to keep it online past June 12th. Thought it was too expensive to keep the analog transmitter running.

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