Sweeping TV News from May

With all that effort from local news stations to boost ratings during the four sweeps months every year, the amazing thing about the Louisville market is that things rarely change, and that no station is ever able to claim any real commanding dominance.

So the news from May’s sweeps is that nothing much changed.

WHAS-TV was the ratings leader during 5:30 and 6, both in the a.m. and p.m.; WLKY was first at 5:00 a.m., Noon, 5:00 p.m. and 11. WAVE-TV finished second in several time periods, third in others. Fox41’s morning newscast has gotten improved ratings in the last year, but remains in fourth place in the a.m. time periods in which it competes with the big three.

The margins of victory in every time period were slim. I don’t know whether stations will use these numbers to pump up their chests in promo, but they shouldn’t.

12 thoughts on “Sweeping TV News from May

  1. “I don’t know whether stations will use these numbers to pump up their chests in promo, but they shouldn’t.”

    They will. Expect to see promos from each station saying they are the news leader. If someone at Fox 41 would take those laptops away from Candice and Barry, it might help their ratings!

  2. Not sure where you are getting your info, but WHAS was #1 at 5am, not WLKY as you mention above.

  3. true enough…WLKY is NOT number one at 5a.m. and they haven’t been since they destroyed their morning team…wonder why FOX has made such gains? DUH. the new GM at 32 handed over their morning show on a silver platter. I do wish WLKY would get more credit for their wins during the day…you can’t count their 11p.m. because of programming, but the other shows should get some credit. but the morning show number one? HA HA HA.

  4. I’ll just go for more of Jennifer Baileys, period. Maybe she could do the weather in a bikini!

  5. For the record, my numbers show the 5 a.m. race to be a 2.3 rating for both WHAS and WLKY. So whoever’s ahead, the margin is by a very small margin.

  6. Flipper,

    I’m sorry, but the comment about WLKY’s 11PM victories not counting is a tired one. True, the lead-in show ratings are very helpful. Nobody disputes that. It doesn’t hurt to come into the news with big numbers.

    BUT… if people didn’t care for the product that comes on after CSI or whatever show is on, they would turn it off. In many cases, ratings jumped a few points from the end of the lead-in to the start of the news. You can’t keep winning a timeslot if the product is awful, no matter what’s preceding it.

    By your logic, WHAS’s 5PM victories shouldn’t count either because Oprah precedes the news.

    See my point?

  7. I guess people weren’t upset at WHAS about forcing Ken Schultz out like everyone expected. At night, I tend to prefer WAVE more though even though even though I like Gary Roedemeier and Melissa Swan. Just some thoughts.

  8. Case in point…

    Last night…

    CSI—6.8 rating/11 share at 10:45
    WLKY News–9.5 raing/17 share at 11PM

    ‘Nuff said.

  9. It depends on how you look at it, Chris. WHAS won the HOUR from 5-6. WLKY won the HALF HOUR from 5-5:30. We’re splitting hairs here, cuz the numbers are really close.

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