Boring Budget Hearings and Other News

Yes, the VV HQ has the Metro Council budget hearings on while the work is going on. It’s a sacrifice we’re making for you.

Edits at WFPL: Public radio’s WFPL has re-launched its news blog, a project headed up by Gabe Bullard. Let’s hope Gabe can keep up the ambitious production pace of its first few days, in which we get in on the stories the station staff is pursuing and, well, what everybody on staff is up to. Think of it as a staff meeting, but you’re not required to go. [WFPL]

Fourth Street at Five: Velocity’s Joseph Lord takes a shot at balancing the good with the bad on the occasion of Fourth Street Live’s 5th birthday. The piece includes all the usual criticisms of Cordish, and the Mayor’s defense of all the favors done for the developer, before arriving at the conclusion that the complex is successful, sort of. At least better than if it weren’t there. [Velocity]

Nice, Imaginary Views of Downtown: The 8664 organization has released another of its videos of an imagined waterfront, one without “9th Street ramps and concrete jungle.” There’s a new criticism of Jerry Abramson for pushing the downtown bridge. Seems a titanic struggle, but we’re pulling for you, guys. [8664]

Yep, Miley Cyrus Is a Big Deal: Ticket-buying frenzy stories will be all around next week when tickets for the teen queen’s show go on sale. She’s playing Freedom Hall Oct. 13 and Rupp Arena Nov. 1. No tickets will be sold at the box office, so Ticketmaster is your best bet. [Herald-Leader]

Is There Really Any Other Reason for the Special Session?: Gov. Beshear told House and Senate leaders he’ll be ordering a 2.9% across the board cut, but is still being cagey about the gambling issue. Meanwhile, his people are telling our people (Jake) that they’re collecting votes in the House for slots. [WFPL, Page One]

Zoo’s Spotlight: It’s kind of impressive that Zoo director John Walczak didn’t bail out on the Metro Council’s budget hearings after the train accident. He opened his comments with a bunch of thank you’s for everyone involved in reacting to the accident. And Jim King handing out compliments as well. Today we learned the driver was an 18-year-old female. [WLKY]

Weighing in on an East End Bridge: Former council members Ellen Call and Julie Raque Adams are writing a weekly column in the Voice-Tribune, and this column represents a sensible take on the Harrods Creek Bridge controversy.  Get the damn thing open, already. [Voice-Tribune]

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  1. 8664? Really – people take this stuff seriously? I guess it sounds ideal as long as you don’t actually work downtown!

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