Stop This Train Wreck of News

If They’d Been This Careful with the Train: Notice how careful the Zoo is being with the media on this train wreck? No, we can’t tell you when the train was inspected, who the driver was or how he was trained. The media was invited to take pictures of the site, but no one’s doing an interview. Our advice: Just tell the public what happened and the story will go away much quicker. [Courier]

Strikes Against Felner: Former U of L dean Robert Felner is getting no favors from the courts. [Page One]

No Wonder They’re Charging $10 To Get In for Night Racing: Churchill Downs CEO Bob Evans took a big pay cut last year, from $6.28 million to $4.19 million. Makes it kind of hard to muster up any sympathy for the big corporation. [Courier]

Will This Be Exciting For Us?: Tomorrow the Metro Council’s Budget Committee will hear from the Zoo at 3, Codes and Inspections at 4 and the Science Center at 5.  And it’s all on MetroTV. Can we send in some questions about cozy relationships between the Codes department and attorneys for developers?

Berman Tripped Up: We understand why Sheldon Berman would lie to us about his relationship with Natalie Stiglitz/Bolton, whom he claimed was just his running buddy when we asked last fall. Guess he didn’t expect we’d be reading about the presenters at the World Congress on Civic Education in South Africa. [Page One]

Guns for God: We hope we’ve ignited some controversy around here. Tomorrow on Francene’s radio show, she’ll have pastor Ken Pagano of New Bethel Church on to talk about the planned Open Carry Celebration in the Valley Station church. Listen in.

Honey, Let’s Make a Death Pact: A Henryville, Ind. couple was found dead in their home, leaving behind a note indicating they couldn’t handle their economic situation any longer. [WHAS-TV]

5 thoughts on “Stop This Train Wreck of News

  1. Since Jerry has a whole staff of spokes people, why wasn’t one sent to the Zoo?

    He should have sent out Kerri, Chad or someone.

  2. Why are these news people acting like a real train wrecked? I mean, it’s getting kinda silly. WAVE even had their chopper up. It must really be a slooooooow news week or something.

  3. I wonder where CHD came with the night racing idea…? & attempting to generate a younger nightlife with some additional entertainment!, Now if they could only move all that downtown to a decent location?….Maybe they could run the race around a few blocks downtown and let folks attend like at a parade…..

  4. Has anyone asked the folks that live around CD what they think about lighting up the track at night?

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