Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Now that was quite a Memorial Day weekend. You got out there and set attendance records, and got some yardwork done too. And at the risk of going all “Possibility City” on you, it was a great time to live here.

The crowd estimate for the Mayor’s Hike & Bike was about 2,000, though one of the event’s organizers gave me a much higher number. Everything went smoothly on the ride out to Shawnee Park and back, probably a little more smoothly thanks to the threat of showers (which never came) which kept some people at home. It’s become a terrific community event every Memorial and Labor Day.

Downtown, a record 10,000 Beatles fans showed up at the Belvedere Saturday. Beer consumption, we hear, caused the local distributor to scramble to re-stock supply. At the Water Tower, organizers were talking about record attendance numbers, and the parking lot was completely full Saturday night.

There’s more to come — THE BATS are in town for games tonight, tomorrow  and Thursday. You know what to do. We’ll award a winner for great seats for today’s game at 3 p.m. We’ll draw randomly from those of you who repond to this e-mail with a comment.  Since tomorrow’s game is another of those 11 a.m. starts, go ahead and let us know if you want to win tickets for that one today.

Wednesday it’s Waterfront Wednesday with the Meat Puppets. If you haven’t been, you should really go.

You probably remember all the hoopla about college baseball two years ago when U of L won a Super Regional here and went on to the College World Series. This year the Cards have captured the Big East title and host an NCAA regional at Patterson Field, which means, of course, no beer sales and you have to pay to get in. The Cards get Indiana in the first round Friday night. Ticket prices start at $8.

We’ll get into some real news soon — but catch us on the CW Louisville Live morning show at 10.