This is All Really Important Stuff

Quite an interesting day in the V.V. newsroom…

The Real Republican Senate Candidate: While we’re all getting some good laughs out of the Jim Bunning/Mitch McConnell dust-ups, Trey Grayson is getting serious about the race. [Page One]

This Might Just Refer To You, But Not Me: 30 percent of Kentuckians don’t participate in any exercise whatsoever, except maybe bellying up to the bar.  Many of them make up the 30 percent of the state’s residents who are obese. Or the 25 percent who smoke. Yes, we, as a group, are unhealthy. Think I’ll go ride my bike. [Page One]

Ah, Ah, Ah, Chooo: Adewale Troutman, head of the local health department, says the flu cases discovered at Meyzeek Middle School are no more serious than any other strain of flu. So chill. [Courier]

No, It’s Not the Weekend Yet: We’ve still got some tickets to the Reggae Festival Saturday and Sunday, so here’s your last chance to request them from us.  Just leave a comment.

Belle Weather: Monday is the start of a new season for the Belle of Louisville, which is out with a new marketing plan that includes some rock shows during the summer. The Memorial Day cruise in Monday at Noon. [Belle]

Scam of the Day: Some woman in Nebraska sold an imaginary Lexus to a Prospect man on Ebay. He went all the way to Omaha to pick the car up, after paying $36K for it. She never showed, and Jack Conway investigated. He found her in North Carolina, and she’s getting three years. [press release]

My Buddy David: Me and David Jones Jr. are big buddies, according to a charge being leveled by crazy Roger Quarles and circulating on the Internets. And Jones is making Jake write nice things about Jack Conway. Somebody go over and stop Jake from laughing. [Page One]

We Hate These Guys: WHAS-TV’s Melanie Kahn scored an exclusive interview with the founder of the Imperial Klansmen of America.  In Dawson Springs, Ky. Hate groups, apparently, are growing, thanks to the economy, the new President and the number of idiots. [WHAS-TV]

You Mean the Media Shouldn’t Cover the American Idol Outcome, Bill? Check out Bill Lamb’s rant about the way the media is covering too much fluff. [Bill Lamb]