The Honeymoon is Definitely Over

The Party is Over: Remember when basketball coaches were given a free pass by fans at least until their first loss? The news of the day isn’t good for John Calipari, who sure sounds guilty of impropriety at Memphis. And Billy Clyde wants $6 million from the school. Billy Reed has all you need to know. [BillyReedSays]

Riding for Cancer with Papa John: We were having lunch at Calistoga last week when John Schnatter walked in to tape this spot for Norton Cancer Institute’s Ride to Conquer Cancer. The ride is in September, from the ‘Ville to Lexington and back.  [YouTube]

The Offer Better Be Good: Schnatter’s ground-breaking promotion involves finding his old Camaro and a virtual road trip. But you have to use a webcam to play, so those better be really good coupons. [Papa Johns]

Across The Street: WAVE’s story on the Wayside/Hotel Louisville controversy includes interviews with JCTC about their intentions to buy the property, which were blocked by the most recent General Assembly. [WAVE]

Javanon Argument Lacks Logic: A C-J letter writer will get no argument that the soccer program attracts nice people who do great things. But that’s not the problem. The leader of the group knew what he was doing, knew how to skirt zoning requirements, and knew the incompetent leadership on the Planning Commission wouldn’t catch him. Ali Ahmadi (yes, it’s really all about him)  just didn’t plan for neighborhood opposition. [Courier]

JCPS Report is Late: Isn’t it just strange that an academic organization like JPCS can’t get a simple report on a student’s death completed in nine months? Max Gilpin’s parents are upset, and so are we. Should we hold Sheldon Berman responsible? [Courier]

Our Guilty Pleasure: OK, so the second episode of Southern Belles is tonight. We can’t wait. And Shea, our choice for least likable, reveals in her blog that since the show she’s lost weight with the help of a personal trainer. But she wants readers to think she’s still with Jeff, the guy she dragged off to Chicago to shop for wedding rings. That relationship is long over, but apparently she can’t ruin the show’s storyline. [Shea]