Summer: It’s What’s for the ‘Ville

Hot, Hot, Hot and Air Quality Alerts. A power outage over in Jake’s neighborhood.

Belles On: Sorry, I don’t have anything to say about American Idol. But the Southern Belles reality TV series premieres tonight at 10 on SOAPnet, #75 on your Insight system. Here’s something on it from a TV industry site:

. . . is a real-life “Sex and the City” that takes place in the South, but not the South that stereotypes are made of. The backdrop is the progressive, art-centric and warm community of Louisville, Kentucky. The series will showcase the intense friendships and family values that are part of the Southern way of life. These five fabulous and sexy modern women are breaking the rules of Southern tradition as they go on a journey of self-discovery.

CW Streak Ends: Our friend Dan Spangler, host of the CW Louisville Live morning show, hasn’t missed a show, to our knowledge, since its debut last March, some 14 months. But he’s on the road for a few days, and Craig Hoffman is in the kitchen/studio over there. By our count, that’s about 300 straight shows.

Free Speech vs. Litter: At a hearing Tuesday on the proposed anti-littering ordinance, Metro Council members seemed to back down a little, saying they were open to suggestions from the Courier-Journal about ways to curb the distribution of ad flyers in neighborhoods.  One complainant held up a McDonald’s bag and a C-J flyer, asking what’s the difference when it’s tossed in your yard. Show some courage, Council, and push for the ordinance. [Courier]

Swing for Hope: Our promise – a $25 raffle ticket investment will pay off. And the June 17 golf outing for Volunteers of America is a worthy way to spend a Wednesday, at Quail Chase. [VOA]

Arrogance at Churchill: It’s possible that in addition to the slots issue that execs talked about yesterday, what’s also killing the track in the eyes of fans is corporate arrogance. I was told that upon showing up in a really expensive box on Oaks Day, one group had to wait, and wait, while the track hunted down someone who could clean up the bird poop on seats in the box, which had obviously not been cleaned in anticipation of the spring meet. Eric Crawford’s got a good take on the corporate-y-ness of it all.  [Crawford]

Stay with us, more to come.