Something So Hilarious You Can’t Miss It

Something so hilarious has happened that you’ve just gotta read it.

These two guys named Roger Quarles and Jim Anderson Stivers have concocted a fancy conspiracy theory that, well, just read it.

While I could go on and on, I give you 2 things that you can instantly discredit Jake and put him on the path towards irelevance.

It will require you guys having big balls, and I think you do. It wil require you doing what Marc Nikolas did — filing official actions. That is the only way the press will take action. They hate Jake and it give sthem an excuse to write a story.


First, everyone in Louisville knows that Jake’s money guy is David Jones, Jr., the son of the HUmana founder and a venture capitalist in his own right. Do a Google search and you wil find out he is loaded. What it doesnt say but what evryone knows is that Jones and Rick Redding are buddies and Redding convinced him to fund PAge One and the Ville Voice as an investment. Also Jones and Conway are tight, Jones thus makes JAke say nice things about Conway.

Here’s my advice. File a complaint with the FEC that this constitutes an illegal corporate contribution to the COnway campaign. That Jone shas set up Jake to write horrible libel about Dr. Dan and this is a crooked, sneaky way to get that message out.

Really, just read it all. It involves David Jones of Chrysalis Ventures, Attorney General Jack Conway and Lt. Governor Daniel Mongiardo.

Pee alert, though. You’ve been warned. Clicky clicky.

Yes, Rick is lucky and gets to leave the office for lunch today. Everyone shame him for leaving if you see him out and about!