Of New Homes, Newspapers and Music

Updates and a look ahead . .. .

Otis and Raider: We’re happy to report that Otis my dog and Raider the cat found a great new home, thanks to a loyal reader.  To all who expressed concern and volunteered to help, thank you.

Rachel: After a record-setting long shot won the Derby, no one was surprised when Rachel Alexandra took the Preakness on Saturday. In the Chuck Olmstead race at Churchill on Saturday, I’m the Truth ran third. Rachel seems to be a TV star, as Preakness ratings were the 2nd highest in two decades. [Bloodhorse]

Reggae, Mon: This weekend is the Kentucky Reggae Festival at the Water Tower. We’ve got tickets to give away, so stay tuned.

Rooftop Lunch: On Thursday, three Beatles copy bands will re-create the last Beatles concert, which took place on a rooftop in London in 1969. The lunch hour show will take place atop the Visitors Center at 4th and Jefferson. Seems there’s some Beatles event in town this weekend, too. [Abbey Road on the River]

Somebody Alert the Makers Mark Ad Dept: Here’s a good idea for a new ad for the bourbon, and some more serious analysis of the ill-conceived tax on alcohol. [Herald-Leader]

Playing in Traffic: Don’t do this.  A woman got in an argument driving on the Snyder. Pulled over. Her friend threw her cell phone on the highway. She walked into traffic to get it, and got hit. She died at 2:55 a.m. [Courier]

No, Mitch is Not Endorsing Bunning: Mitch McConnell repeated on Sunday for Fox News Sunday viewers that he’s not endorsing Jim Bunning for re-election. And Bunning again made himself unavailable for comment. [AP]

Newspaper Talk: On Sunday, the C-J splashed a speech from Arnold Garson on the front page of its Forum section. It’s the same content he’s been telling anyone who will listen for months — the paper’s in good shape, yada yada. It also served as a launching point for listeners to bitch about the paper all Sunday morning on Joe Elliott’s radio show. [C-J]