Jubilee Conflict is No Party

Last week, we reported that the conflict between the University of Louisville and the co-founders of the Mint Jubilee Derby Eve party had been settled, as the school agreed to distance itself from the registered mark and that it would sign a release for the remaining 11 months on its licensing agreement.

Co-founder Chris Thieneman said he wanted U of L to sign the release so that he could involve another cancer-related charity in the annual event, which to no one’s surprise is Norton Hospital.

But U of L still hasn’t signed the document, and Thieneman says Norton is not willing to move forward on next year’s event until it sees a U of L signature on the release.

Today, U of L spokesman Mark Hebert would say only that U of L still intends to sign the document. He did not say why U of L is delaying the document signing. A conference call that took place today between U of L’s Keith Inman and Dr. Donald Miller of the Brown Cancer Center and the Jubilee co-founders (including Hollywood producer Matt Battaglia and Tom Thieneman) apparently didn’t move the two sides any closer.

Chris Thieneman said he asked Inman several times when he could get the signed document and didn’t get an answer.

Meanwhile, a trademark attorney representing the co-founders sent a letter to the University yesterday demanding that the school discontinue the use of marketing materials for its new Julep Ball event that refer to past Mint Jubilees.  This would include photos from past events and references to celebrities who have attended past Mint Jubilees.

Some wording on the Julep Ball website has been changed, but it still includes several references that the co-founders say are objectionable.