Irony in Bike Accident

Ironic, isn’t it?

Just days before National Bike to Work Day, a local cyclist is injured when an intoxicated man with a long criminal record intentionally runs him over.

Get this record for John Met, as reported last night by WLKY-TV.  Five DUI/Reckless Driving charges since 2003, three arrests since April.  15 citations in all since 2005. How in the hell could this guy be on the loose? Yesterday he blew a .196 when he was caught, at which point he admitted he tried to kill the cyclist. Based on previous charges, the guys seems mentally-challenged. Why, again, was he free to drive drunk and run over an innocent cyclist?

He’s in jail with a $100,000 cash bond, so he won’t be getting out anytime soon. Let’s just suggest that the local prosecutors charge him with attempted murder, because that’s what it was.

Les Pollitt, the 27-year-old cyclist, is in U of L Hospital in serious condition. He’s likely to be released in a few days.

Tomorrow the Mayor’s Office will be promoting the heck out of Bike to Work Day May 15, and will in fact hold a press conference announcing that rides are being organized from Seneca, Iroquois and Shawnee parks to downtown that day. Terry Meiners of WHAS, a bike commuter, will host a celebration at 4th Street Live.

But this accident, coupled with a few others over the past years, shows that unfortunately some people just don’t get it.

“This reminds us that there are some people out there who do not like to see bicyclists on the road,” said Chris Poynter of the Mayor’s Office. “Roadways are means of transportation. The road is for everyone.”

A measure that would have made it easier for police to charge motorists for running down cyclists died in the most recent state legislature. While Mr. Met will likely remain behind bars this time, it’s still easy for a motorist with an agenda to run over a cyclist without being charged.

It makes you wonder how many cyclists have to be hurt or killed for something to change.

Expect to hear plenty about this in the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “Irony in Bike Accident

  1. I worked on HB 88 ‘One Road’ referenced in the article. That bill only dealt with recklessness, it would not have helped with attempted homicide. We already have an overwhelmingly stiff statute for that: murder. It has much stiffer penalties than the provisions in HB 88.

    If the facts as presented in this article are true, I have no doubt this person will be charged with murder.

  2. Just FYI, 27 is the age of the driver, not Mr. Pollitt (the cyclist). Mr. Pollitt is an old friend, and he is 33.

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