Getting a Late Start

Sorry for the late start, but wasn’t everybody up late watching Southern Belles to hear Kellie’s so-called matchmaking business customers describe what kind of sex they wanted? Sorry, our local sources say the business was fake, fake, fake. They had to give Kellie something to do for the show. Yes, we had to throw up.

First Interview with Mrs. Crockett: Max Gilpin’s mom spoke out in an interview with WAVE’s Connie Leonard. It’s now nine months since the PRP football player died. JCPS is still investigating.  [WAVE]

Youth Football Controversy: Looks like the most powerful pre-high school football teams in the region are being shut out of competition. The Hikes Point Lobos have long dominated teams from J-town, Fern Creek, Eastern and others, but all those teams have jumped to a new league that doesn’t want the Lobos, because they recruit the best players. Kyle Draper looks into it. [WHAS-TV]

The Dog-catcher Speaks: Gilles Meloche didn’t exactly agree to an interview, but Fox41’s Bennett Heaberle tracked him down at a public event so he could deny any wrongdoing at Metro Animal Services. The city is spending $1.6 million on a new pet adoption center, even as the department is being audited. [Fox41]

Union Watching, Calls Jerry a Snake: A Teamsters union leader called Jerry Abramson a snake. And said that the union will be watching and picketing the Mayor’s every move after some Teamsters members were laid off. [WLKY]

Inside Sources Say: Gus Goldsmith has been in close contact with Tim and Nina Moseley of Wayside Christian Mission for months, and the deal to have them buy the hotel at Second and Broadway is part of an elaborate plan to make both Goldsmith and Wayside money.  One theory is that JCTC will spend $12 million to buy the property it wants for parking from Wayside, which would pocket an easy $2 million.