Gassed Up and Ready

Suddenly, gas prices jump 30 cents a gallon. No reason given.  No one in the gas supply pipeline can explain it. It just is. Which sucks. Jack Conway, if you can find the bad guys involved in this, that Senate seat is yours.

Saw This One Coming: The police union is now complaining that its members, relieved of some of their obligations to show up for court duty, count on the overtime pay they get and, well, going to court wasn’t so bad after all. Government spent $833K in six months paying cops to show up in court, money better spent elsewhere. [Fox41]

Old-Fashioned Newsman: Congressman John Yarmuth paid tribute to WHAS-TV’s Mark Hebert on the floor of the House yesterday. [WHAS-TV]

Leaving Las Vegas: Yes, it was a pretty big deal, this ABC Kids convention that Louisville’s CVB lured here and announced yesterday. But we’re not really buying Jim Wood’s logic — that Louisville won out because it has fewer distractions for visitors than Las Vegas. Let’s see if any other big shows make the Vegas to Ville switch. [Joe Arnold]

Johnson, Trees, Pissed: Councilman Dan Johnson is holding a press conference at 10:45 this morning at 6th and Ashland, where we can assume there are still storm debris lying around. We’re anxious to hear if Johnson is going to criticize the Mayor. [press release]

No Poe Development in Irish Hill: Remember all that controversy over moving a creek in Irish Hill to accommodate plans by Poe Companies to bring some retail to the area near Breslin Park? Well, never mind. Poe is walking away from the project. [Broken Sidewalk]

Not in Church: We saw the WHAS-TV report on religion and weren’t impressed.  The two-part series featured comments from locals on what we already knew – there’s a big decline in the number of people who identify themselves as Christians. But Gary Roedemeier’s series barely mentioned controversial church positions on sex and politics and how they might factor into the decline. [WHAS-TV]

“They’re Just Completely Full of Shit.” — Quote of the day from LEO’s piece on downtown entertainment, from Ward Plauche, who recently closed the CityBlock nightclub. Plauche, as you might guess, was referring to city economic development officials. [LEO]

Don’t Hire a Guy Named Ramon: Local wedding photographer Ramon Rodriguez has some DUI problems and seems to have skipped town with deposits from dozens of clients. Even his attorney doesn’t know where he is. [WAVE]

Olmstead Way: There’s a ceremony later today unveiling new signs at Armory Place honoring the late WHAS reporter Chuck Olmstead. [WHAS-TV]

10 thoughts on “Gassed Up and Ready

  1. As a homeowner in the Irish Hill neighborhood, I am outraged that environmentalists succeeded in scaring away a good development that would have increased property values in my neighborhood.

    Have you seen Beargrass Creek lately in this neck of the woods? It’s full of trash! At least Poe would have cleaned it up and beautified what is now a blight on the neighborhood.

    It’s sad that the IHNA didn’t stand up to these tree-huggers in order to preserve the project.

  2. anonymous – Since when the development of big box stores and chain restaurants good development in a historic, urban neighborhood?

  3. RE: Irish Hill

    If you recall from the neighborhood association meetings (you went to those, right?), none of the buildings would have been big enough for big box stores.

    I personally welcomed the development. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with an abandoned scrap yard and an abandoned swimming pool as the main visual landmarks for anyone traveling through our neighborhood.

  4. I live near Irish Hill. I, too, am disappointed that Poe’s proposals repeatedly got shot down. From what I heard, Poe made an admirable effort to meet environmental folks more than halfway. Yes, it has the potential to be a great urban environment, but it sure as heck isn’t now. Of course, the tanking economy may have had just as much to do with Poe’s decision as neighborhood resistance. Not a great time to be a developer.

  5. Actually I was there. Thanks for asking. However, I’m doubting that you were since you seem to be under the impression that Breslin Park was included in Poe’s propoal.

  6. I didn’t say Breslin Park was part of the proposal, just another visual landmark/eyesore. What do you think should be done with the River Metals property, and who do you think you can get to pay for it? It’s contaminated and can never be zoned residential.

  7. It is interesting that you say the site is so contaminated that it could never be used for residential development, because the professionals working for the Center For Neighborhoods who developed the Irish Hill Neighborhood Plan disagree. A large portion of their plan called for residential development on the site.×17.pdf

    Luckily, I’m patient and optimistic, and I’m not alone in this. Poe Cos. is a developer who saw a chance to make a buck by sticking a Walgreens and a T.G.I. Fridays on the site, and that would clearly be out of character with the neighborhood. Sure, the site is ugly now, but so was Waterfront Park a few years ago. I would rather look at abandoned warehouses for another decade while waiting for someone to develop the site who cares about Irish Hill than walking past 890 parking spaces and a strip mall every time I go out for a stroll.

  8. The neighborhood association has repeatedly referred to it as “contaminated.” Regardless, I’m interested in hearing any creative options for redevelopment of the property. I agree that a TGI Fridays would be out of character in this neighborhood. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that an abandoned scrap yard is representative of what many feel the character of this neighborhood is. Given the choice between the Poe development and ten years of watching the land sit unused, I know which one I prefer.

    Now that the Poe deal is off the table, hopefully someone will find a worthwhile use for the land that is more agreeable for all of the residents and homeowners in the neighborhood.

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