Fusion, of Iowa, is WBKI Buyer

It’s official. Here’s the press release we just received from WBKI about the sale of the CW affiliate to Fusion Communications of Davenport, Iowa.

Louisville, Kentucky – WBKISLG, LLC announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell WBKI-TV, the Louisville affiliate of The CW Television Network. The station is being sold for an undisclosed purchase price plus other consideration.  The buyers will hold the license under the name Louisville TV Group, LLC, which is owned by Davenport, Iowa based Fusion Communications, Inc. and PLLW, LLC.

“We’re excited about the purchase of WBKI-TV and are looking forward to working with a great staff whose commitment to local programming and the community is outstanding,” said Jeff Lyle, of the Louisville TV Group, LLC.

Fusion Communications operates a state of the art HD production and post-production facility as well as the largest HD studio space between Chicago and Salt Lake City.  It is a leading provider of centralized master control and satellite uplink services.  Fusion is the parent company for Independent News Network and Silver Beacon Media.  The company has plans to expand their station portfolio beyond the purchase of WBKI-TV.

The sale of WBKI-DT AND WBKI-CA is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to close late this summer.  The asset sale was conducted by CobbCorp.

9 thoughts on “Fusion, of Iowa, is WBKI Buyer

  1. “centralized master control “?!

    Means we can kiss this station good bye. The only thing staying in Kentucky is the transmission towers, everything else will eventually be run out of Davenport.

    And the price will be disclosed on the FCC’s website when the transfer of control is filed.

  2. If you want an example of Fusion Communication-produced work, look at the Indiana 9 newscast. It is produced in Davenport.

    Carter Burger is right – goodbye WBKI, we hardly knew you.

    On a related note, I live in Portland, and haven’t been able to pick up the WBKI digital signal since we switched to a digital antenna, so I haven’t watched WBKI for a while now.

  3. so does this mean that i will finally be able to pick up the digital signal with my tv now? if no, then whatever, this move doesn’t affect me in any way.

  4. Clark and ctk, WBKI’s digital signal emanates from their tower near Raywick. I won’t go into RF theory here, but digital TV signals do not go as far as the analog signals, regardless of what other “experts” may say. A change in ownership won’t change that. The only way you guys will be able to see WBKI in HD is when WBKI-CA channel 28, which is based in Floyds Knobs, switches to digital.

  5. I was completely dumbfounded when I read the news about Fusion. I have worked with Fusion on projects for many years most recently with @sports tv and the Unemployment Channel. I live in Louisville so this news caught me completely off guard.

  6. Thanks for the update on Fusion Media. We are working with them on our job fairs this summer in the Chicago area. We have included links to your website–would you consider linking to us as well.

    Mike Lennon

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