Derby Winner, and Everyone Else, Moving On

After keeping everyone guessing for 36 hours or so, Mine That Bird’s handlers made the only decision that makes sense — they’re sending their horse to the Preakness. Billy Reed’s in charge of assessing Saturday’s winners and losers.

Other dreary Monday happenings:

Browning’s Set: The long-awaited opening of the Browning’s restaurant at Louisville Slugger Field seems set for May 16, according to the C-J. We’ve noticed plenty of activity around there lately. Anoosh Shariat says he’s going to open a catering business next door, at the former Park Place, and that his group is spending a half-mil on the project. [Courier]

Same Bat Channel: Speaking of the ballpark, the Bats open a long homestand tonight against Rochester. Stay tuned to the Ville Vooice for some special offers from us for Bats fans.

The Eats is On: Hey, we’ve got a whole crew of new writers hammering away over at Ville Voice Eats. Check out stories on the swine flu, some local reveiws and Schnitzelburg, with more on the way. [Ville Voice Eats]

In Boston, the Globe Lives Another Day: It really was possible that the Boston Globe was headed for closure due to a union dispute. Crisis averted, for now, but it’s not as unlikely as we once thought that a major American newspaper could shut down. []

“Intense Scrutiny”: Former U of L professor Robert Felner’s attorneys don’t think their man can get a fair trial here, in part due to “intense scrutiny on local Internet blogs” which is their code for Page One. But we do have readership in the rest of Kentucky where the lawyers want to put the proceedings. [Page One]

CW Rumor Mill: We’ve heard the new buyer of the local TV station is from Iowa, too.  But there’s still no confirmation from the station.

More Sweeps Stuff: WLKY-TV has a new angle on the Meth Problem — how much it’s costing law enforcement officials to fight meth, which it calls the meth capital of Kentucky. [WLKY]

4 thoughts on “Derby Winner, and Everyone Else, Moving On

  1. What’s up with the Freak Show? Last wk some caller was talking about a new show & renshaw quickly cut him off. Thurs there was a promo talking about the last show of the wk, then paid programming aired instead of show. Tonight there’s a host ‘filling in’ for renshaw, and the graphics are different. Smells like ownership change and no new deal in place w/renshaw. That, or there’s something else going on w/renshaw.

  2. We need to be fighting meth hard. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t smart enough to realize the danger that exists from people cooking that sort of stuff. Totally dangerous and I know several firefighters and they are repeatedly scared to death because of having to enter meth houses. It not only messes up the minds and bodies of the people taking it but these losers are also taking the lives of their kids and neighbors into a risky proposition. The meth labs can explode and here locally in Louisville they have found rolling meth labs on the roads, in East End neighborhoods, and everywhere from St. Matthews to Shively and from Butchertown to Bullitt Co. So its not just a South End problem but its all over Jefferon and Bullitt Co. Harrison Co, Indiana is one of the worst places in the state of Indiana for meth busts due to a lot of out of work people trying to make a quick buck and illegals coming in doing the deeds as well.

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