Progress, or Lack of It, in Jubilee Case

Late Friday we learned that the trademark infringement lawsuit being considered by the three co-founders of the Mint Jubilee Derby Eve Gala was filed in U.S. District Court. Defendants are the University of Louisville Foundation and the J. Graham Brown Cancer Center.

The C-J wrote a story on it over the weekend.

One of the most contentious issues in the case has been U of L’s website for its new event, the Julep Ball, which until recently contained information about the event that referred to the Mint Jubilee. There were photo galleries from past Mint Jubilees and references to past soirees as if the event had simply changed its name. One section even had the words “formerly the Mint Jubilee” under the Julep Ball’s new logo.

Late last week U of L officials made sweeping changes in the website, all but eliminating anything that was green in color. (The new event’s logo is black, red and gray). These changes had been demanded by the Jubilee co-founders for several weeks, since the Derby Eve gala.

However, now that both sides have “lawyered up” for the case, the school isn’t commenting publicly and it seems unlikely that U of L will sign the release of the license agreement Jubilee officials insist they need to organize next year’s event with another charity.

It’s a petty dispute, but it involves a lot of money and, unfortunately, is going to cost both sides a significant sum in attorney’s fees.

3 thoughts on “Progress, or Lack of It, in Jubilee Case

  1. Here’s a thought. Don’t give money to either. Find organizations that find charity to be more important than naming rights and give money to them.

    Honestly people, it was a Derby Party with rented D list celebrities. You could call it the Kick Cancer in the Balls Ball and it would still get publicity, rentacelebs would still come, and the city would still have some thing that US Weekly photographers and Emily Gimmel could attend.

  2. No kidding!…..Uof L should be ashamed of themselves and get on with doing the right thing, The whole original deal wasn’t their idea anyway>…….BTW….I think “Kick Cancer in the BAlls Ball” has a good ring to it!

  3. I have to question what purpose does it serve to have a big and high profile legal case regarding a organization that wants to find a cure to cancer. Seems like to me it would be more important to end this moaning session and get to work. The silliness that one encounters day to day in Louisville is amazing. I have to wonder what do these warring parties hope to gain out of this.

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