Hating/Loving the Southern Belles

Just watched that Southern Belles premiere, and it’s really hard to decide which of the five girls is the least likeable.

Though it really has to be Shea, the rich one who is attempting to coerce her boyfriend Jeff into buying a $250K engagement ring by flying him up to Chicago to shop on a private jet. Shea later considers a charity event she’s in charge of a disaster when the event doesn’t raise enough money and Jeff dances with another woman. Oh, and when she gets a diamond supplier to provide jewelry for all the gals, gets her feelings hurt when Emily doesn’t want to wear them.

Shea’s father is Dr. John Johnson, a surgeon. He’s rich. And he doesn’t appear to amused with his daughter’s shenanigans. “It’s nice to have an extra credit card…” she says.

Yea, she’s hard to take, but then there’s our own media darling Emily, who is seen at dinner with her parents talking about her hair and how much she wants to rebel and get away from there. (In previews of next week’s show, she fights with them about moving to Las Vegas). Dad Rich is quoted saying she’s a daddy’s worst nightmare. She talks of being a media mogul, and gets Terry Meiners on the show when she does an interview at WHAS.

It might be Kellie, who complains that as a divorced woman she’s not accustomed to living in such slummy straits.  She gets drunk at the charity event. She also says she wants to make her own money, even though our sources tell us that last fall she turned down a $1.5 million settlement offer from her real estate mogul husband (no one’s saying who that is) because it wasn’t enough.

The show’s billed as a modern-day Sex and the City, but it’s hard to believe these gals would actually hang out together. Maybe there will be some nice catfights in future shows.

But at least the show has a lot of pretty local scenery, high production values and we just won’t be able to keep from watching.

19 thoughts on “Hating/Loving the Southern Belles

  1. I would expect something this dumb to come out of Louisville anymore. Nothing but a show produced with some sort of local scene with some local types. No real value there. Just more of the same old Louisville preteniousness and lies. You would think they could produce something about this city that would give it some real appeal, not a bunch of women acting like immature spoiled brats. Which says a lot of truth about certain parts of town anyway with all of the so called charm but less of the truth. Just like a lot of the 30,000 dollar millionaires. A lot of hype, but little real substance.

  2. Shows like this make me tend to agree with WDRB’s Bill Lamb and his most recent editorial. This show is stupid with no redeeming moral value. I’ll pass.

  3. Bill Lamb’s editorial would have been a lot more credible if his station didn’t consider all that Idol nonsense journalism. They’re STILL dragging out footage from last year’s Louisville tryouts!!!

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that Louisville isn’t Southern enough to have “Southern Belles”.

    Should have been called “Midwestern/Southern Broads”. (and I don’t necessarily mean “broad” in the pejorative sense)

  5. was saying to myself “don’t let these bi$$os make our city look bad”. Only one episode so far, but these ladies are not the best embassadors for our fair city.

  6. Maybe Jim Bunning is going to be on the show doing a cameo appearance of a washed up baseball pitcher who pretends to be a Senator. Who knows?

  7. Unless one of these chicks would show their tits on the smoking porch at the Back Door I’m not interested. Plus I’ve done two of them already.

  8. Unless one of these chicks would show their tits on the smoking porch at the Back Door I’m not interested. Plus I’ve done two of them already.

  9. These women are self centered, greedy and completely fake. They think the world revolves around them, and could care less about anyone else unless…you have something they want, and they want a lot!…how do I know? I was there.

    Men beware! These women want to elevate themselves by using (stepping on) any man they can find. They educated themselves to find only the wealthy and high profile men of the area, then, take all the can from them. It’s not about you…it’s about the lifestyle they want to live…on your dime!

    They think they are deserving of money because they “look good”. (At least the hookers on the street don’t lie to you about what they want).

    They should have called it “Egotistical Greedy Southern Belles”.

    It’s ALL about YOUR money men…so RUN as fast as you can in ANY other direction!

    ’nuff said.

  10. What is interesting about this so called plot for the show is that it shows a lot of the types in this town in perfect character. Who hasn’t ran into these types at the bar or at a restaurant or even at the workplace. Let’s face it that there is in every city a small percentage of people that are faux rich and like to shove it in everyones face. Its comical that they are doing this in Lousiville and most probably setting these women in the East End or Highlands areas. Very interesting to say the least because its been my experience that the most fake around here live primarily in those areas. The south Enders are mostly between middle class girls and the poor or in some cases the trashy type. Definitely not the fake rich and so called illustrious producers of this society. A very interesting piece about Louisville to say the least.

  11. Lord forbid we actually see women who actually WORK for a living. This is fluff stuff and disrespects the REAL women in Louisville.

  12. Isn’t this Emily Gimmel the same gal who worked at WKYT in Lexington 3 or 4 years back, but got fired after getting busted for DUI?

  13. Its the same Emily Gimmel because a cross reference on google she mentions that she gave an interview to her old station WKYT. Nothing found yet as if she was fired or not but interestingly now we know more.

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