Comings and Goings in the Media Rumor Mill

We’re happy for WHAS Radio’s Jim Williams, who’s been promoted to be the new statehouse reporter for the station. It was an in-house promotion after the April departure of Al Mayo from that spot. The move affects two others, according to station G.M. Kelly Carls — Michael Clark moves up to Williams’ old job as afternoon news anchor, and Joe Hall moves up from part-time to full-time on the radio. He’d been working in public relations. It’s nice to report something good on the personnel front, and congrats at Jim.

Over at WAVE-TV, the rumor mill reveals that there was no management-backed going-away party after reporter Scott Harvey’s last day Friday. Harvey reportedly left for a gig in which he won’t be on air, but that’s all he’s saying about it. But he broke his contract at WAVE.  The station quickly pulled his bio from its website.

Harvey has been dating WLKY-TV reporter Kate Cornell. She’s still there. For now.

Meanwhile, there are rumors swirling about an incident involving WLKY-TV anchor Carissa Lawson and a traffic accident.

There’s a new reporter at WHAS-TV, but we hear he’s just filling in on a temp basis. He’s Don Hudson, formerly of WTVQ in Lexington, the same station from which GM Mark Pimentel came to town. Here’s a link to one of his first reports, on graffiiti.  He left WTVQ last November.

At WHAS-TV, Chuck Olmstead’s family is planning to help educate the public about brain aneurysms, which took Olmstead’s life at age 60.

3 thoughts on “Comings and Goings in the Media Rumor Mill

  1. What’s the point of printing these half-baked rumors about people?

    If Lawson was in a car accident, there should be documentation of it. Find it and report it. Don’t just say “rumors are swirling.” Your post makes it look like Lawson did something wrong. What if she wasn’t driving the car?

    And what’s with: Kate Cornell “is still here, for now.” What does that mean? And why is it anybody’s business that she’s dating Scott Harvey? Who cares?

  2. All right for getting your panties in a twist.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, oh, two or three years ago… we publish rumors.

  3. Good to see Don Hudson back on the air. I’m sure Doug Proffitt (who also came to WHAS-11 from WTVQ about a zillion years ago) has Roedemeier’s slot locked up, but WHAS-11 could do worse than slipping Hudson into Proffitt’s current slot. Never worked with him, don’t know him, don’t have a clue if he’s a good guy or not. But he’s a good presence on TV.

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