Trouble for Zambroski in Tampa

Former WAVE-TV reporter James Zambroski has been fired from his job at Tampa’s WFTS-TV after losing his temper and insulting a co-worker. He says he was suspended last Friday, then told by phone this Tuesday that he was being fired over the incident.

Zambroski told me that he thought he was “cracking wise with a colleague” and later found out that his comments weren’t taken that way. He blames himself, and wrote in an e-mail that his temper had gotten the best of him, that he’s made inappropriate comments on the job that showed poor judgement.

Ultimately, he said, he figures it to be a blessing in disguise. He admits that in two and a half years at the Tampa station he never felt it was a good fit and the stress of the job had affected his health.

Since leaving WAVE he has stayed in touch with many of his colleagues here, and is a regular follower of the V.V.  He seems to enjoy Florida living, and says he plans to stay there for now, and has no professional plans in the near term.

Still, count me among those who miss Zambroski’s reporting and commitment to solid journalism. It makes you wonder if there might be a station around here that could use an experienced reporter who knows the region, especially if there were a station that’s lost a few recently. Hmmm.

Here’s a link to his WFTS bio, which may not be up much longer.

7 thoughts on “Trouble for Zambroski in Tampa

  1. In reading his bio it sounds like ZAM has a doc wife to kick back with now that he has been let go. He always seemed full of himself when he was in Louisville. The firing kinda sounds like he was running his mouth too much again.

  2. I never cared for him at WAVE. And I would think the smoking would be to blame for most health issues.

  3. Am I reading this correctly? A public figure acted like an ass and he APOLOGIZED? He took RESPONSIBILITY for his actions? Mr. Zambroski, you are a hero and a model to inadvertent assholes everywhere.

  4. I wasn’t a big fan of him either. As for his health, the only time I ever saw him in public was at Meijer. He was parked at a handicapped slot.

  5. Maybe Zambro should have come here before unloading on a co-worker. Like a true VilleVoicer, he could have unleashed a few cheap, ill-informed comments then gotten on with his day.

    But seriously, good luck Jim. I hope you land on your feet.

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