We Turn Into Star Mag for One Post

Here’s some good gossip-y stuff….Famous for Being Famous: Apparently Louisville’s Emily Gimmel has a future in the gossip press. Gimmel was linked to Nick Lachey after the Kim Kardashian Derby Spectacular Party last week, and pictures of her showed up LARGE in the gossip rag Star Magazine. Lachey was reportedly smitten with the blonde because of a resemblance to former girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

Gimmel, 24, spoke to WHAS Radio’s Terry Meiners on the air yesterday, gushing about the sudden natinal fame in which she was compared favorably to Simpson, saying it was flattering to be compared with one of the most famous women in the world.

Of the Lachey connection, she said they had been “in communications” since Friday, whatever that means. And the party gal had such a good time Friday she missed a Derby morning photo shoot with her co-stars in the upcoming SoapNet reality series, Southern Belles, which premieres May 21.

Gimmel, a former TV reporter in Lexington and Indianapolis, has moved to Las Vegas where she has a job as a nightlife reporter for 702.tv, just launched April 30, according to a Vegas newspaper. We haven’t seen the Star spread and it’s not online, so you may have to go to Kroger to check it out.

Gimmel also went to the Barnstable-Brown Party, where she may or may not have run into Paris Hilton, who we hear earned a cool $150,000 for spending a night on the town in River City. Hilton hosted an official after-party — that means she was paid to show up — at 4th Street Live’s Sports and Social Club.

Now, who paid for Paris? Our sources say Barnstable and Cordish split the tab, and that Paris managed to hang for just 30 minutes at the SSC.

Anyone involved in either event has to question the spending for Paris by the Barnstable hosts (in which money is raised for charity) or by Cordish (because it’s really a taxpayer-supported business).

19 thoughts on “We Turn Into Star Mag for One Post

  1. Excellent points regarding Hilton. And Louisville gained what exactly for her appearances? The opportunity to feel like L.A. , if only for a night? Did Hilton’s presence make any difference in attendance for either event?

  2. I’m sure the Southern Belles show will
    make Louisville proud. Like all the other rich,out of touch, far from living like us normal people wives shows.
    Very Jerry you got ripped off. You’ll need to spend an additional $300 at the doctor. Or go to free clinic.

  3. Cordish paid 1/2 of the tab!!!! Thats my money Jer gave her. Think what City Block could have done with that money. I would have rather seen them stay open instead of a 1/2 hour with Paris. Which I didn’t get either!

  4. Just goes to show that if you want to be famous enough, you can make it too. Her former “Blond Ambition” homepage was enough to make anyone spit up in their mouth.

    Anyone taking bets on how long it is going to take for her to parlay this Nick Lachey-thing into a “special correspondent” gig on Extra with “exclusive” access to the Nick and Jessica saga.

    All of you young people out there aspiring to obtain fame; don’t stand in line for hours at a casting call. Take a note from Beth Ostrosky, and Terri Seymour:

    1) Hook up with a famous person
    2) Convince them to give an exclusive to a tabloid only in the event they make you a “special correspondent” to the show
    3) Parlay your new-found fame into a career

  5. “sudden natinal fame…”

    Was that a typo or are you guys fans of the National League ball club in our nation’s capital? ;)

  6. What in the Word are these idiots thinking?….Paris ,what a bunch of Ego Crap!..paid Celebs laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the Taxpayers. No doubt just another insult to the dedicated local business folks that pay taxes so David & Reed Cordish can act like movie stars.
    If the people who are going to go and pay a premium to some out of town hustlers to hang for a cool 30 min. with a bird brain like Paris,they are Nuts!
    Oh Yea, I can’t wait to here Jerry & Bruce T. sluff off the questions about this if anyone can pin them down about it?…….Just more Proof that the administration and the Cordish Co. are absolutely the Crooks everyone thinks they are!

  7. That’s real nice, it churns my stomach to think that one cent of the Free money that was given to Cordish was spent on something as silly and goofy as this,Especially when for over two years two most deserving guys like Ward & Don were told the city doesn’t have any money for them. Which the whole time they were asking for some recogination for participation in some development funds, while the city was saying “NO we don’t have any “……that $1.8 mil was sitting ,left over from the Marriott finished two years prior, & No One knew it was there?…..Right!….Sure they didn’t?If it took two years for someone to figure the moneywas there, ?????

  8. That is why Louisville, Kentucky has totally wrong priorities because of the people surrounding the facade called the Derby Festival as well as the whole charade that happens in early May. Practically none of these people would be here other than to hob nob and be seen if it wasn’t for being paid. That’s why a lot of them come here and then go back home and enjoy their lives. Nothing wrong with that but for us the taxpayer it is getting mighty old to support this debacle.

    As far as Cordish goes, I think that they need to be run out of town with the rest of their flunkies. A business such as theirs either needs to make it or be shut down. If they can’t do it on their own, then too bad.

    Its time to start holding all these people in business and corporatism responsible for running this country into a hole. That includes the mayor, governor, and all politicians. We’re getting tired of the debauchery and pretentiousness that goes on with our subsidizing these events. Which is why this community continues to go downhill to support these events rather than improving the lives of the people of this community one step at a time.

    We can no longer afford to ignore the issues such as homelessness, working poor, and people losing their jobs while corporations continue to locate the jobs and businesses started and supported by Americans in some rathole in India or Mexico or China. To do so is to destroy our own country. Sad but true.

  9. Emily Gimmel = Paris Hilton v2.0

    Of all the problems this country has, I will never understand the celebrity/athlete worship members of our society engages in. I ran across this TMZ show last week on TV. It’s a bunch of schmucks standing around an office talking about a bunch of Grade D “stars” with a monkey for a camera operator.

  10. Do you know how I know Emily Gimmel is special? Because she goes to Southeast Christian. And those people know God better than any of us.

  11. Other than you, who cares???? Businesses every day spend money on advertising in hopes that it pays off. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

  12. bild ——-I think you’ve missed the point? —–If the city is giving forgivable $$$ to the Cordish group, that comes from the taxpayers pockets, while city employees can’t be paid for their jobs . It’s offensive that our contributed tax dollars are going to pay for some bimbo like Paris Hilton to come party with the Cordish guys, ….did I mention that you would have been charged a premium amount to be at the party that you helped pay for?

  13. I think it’s a great idea to pass local tax $ through to vacationing celebrities. Just think – if they know they can make $75k for 1/2 hour’s work, maybe they’ll tell their friends.

    Then next time, we can pay some new fresh celebs to be seen in our government-subsidized bars.

    And the end result will be…uhhh…Well, it’s community development or something.

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