FOP’s Airing of Grievances

Here’s one way to get some attention for your gripes with the Mayor. With 150,000-plus on hand at Churchill Downs, hire a bi-plane with a trailing banner expressing your concerns.

That’s what the Fraternal Order of Police did both Friday and Saturday. There were three messages:

  • Are the Mayor’s Actions Ethical?
  • Mayor Puts Cordish Before Safety
  • Safe? Thanks a Metro Police Officer

I asked police union cheif John McGuire about the tactic, and he said the campaign refers to the longstanding arguments with the Mayor over opening the city’s financial records to public scrutiny. The police union was unhappy about changes in its take-home car policy for police and other pay issues.

McGuire said it’s the first time the union has used the tactic since before merger, though the Mayor’s office dismissed the stunt as “an annual ploy.”

McGuire wouldn’t say what the union paid for the flyovers. Typically, the cost is around $1,500 an hour.

12 thoughts on “FOP’s Airing of Grievances

  1. @Mark: uh… can’t wait for the Blackwater version of police running around the streets. that’ll be much better /sarcasm

  2. You know what sucks, people like you sitting in your nice comfy home free to say stupid things like that Mark. Next time someone breaks into your home, don’t call 911. next time someone mugs you on the street, don’t flag down a Metro PD car.

    Pukes like you make me sick. These guys put their lives on the line each day standing between you and the criminals of the community. And all you can do is come up with some ignorant, pithy statement like that?

  3. After watching the police outside of Churchill be over aggressive arresting a guy for public urination, I’m not sure which side to take in Mayor Jerry vs. the cops.

  4. I think I need to change my screen name to Mark H so I’m not confused with the Mark that made that brilliant statement.

    I am not a supporter of unions, but privatization of the local police force would just create another level of bureaucracy with no accountability from anybody. I would say that it would never happen, but who knows, Cordish may buy a security company.

  5. Privatizing the police would be the worst thing because one, private companies always find a way to do things cheaper and in police work and crime control we all see how that works.

    We’ve had a mayor for years that had been decimating the police force for years. He’s been cutting police overtime to do their jobs, cutting services, cutting back patrols, and hired a chief that is politically unpopular and incompetent.

    He’s pretty much destroyed police morale and the morale of beat officers and mid level officers. This sets a bad precedent because the police are increasingly finding their hands tied against the thugs that run around this city breaking into houses, cars, and violent crimes.

    To privatize it would be just about like a lot of business around here hiring out low wage temps to do the job. Just like a couple of our wonderful local Barney Fife security companies that hire out their security guards and paying them 8 to 10 bucks an hour. That will be some day when they have to resort to that to get police. Its bad enough that one risks getting shot, maimed, killed, and murdered by the local scum that runs the streets here. As if they don’t have enough to worry about in their day to day task.

    I must say that I’ve had Metro Police out on a couple of calls regarding a very troublesome neighbor and when explained the situation they were courteous, polite, and handled the situation as best they could. Considering that their hands are tied by this incompetent mayor and chief there isn’t always a lot that can be done unless they catch someone in the act. Which tends to cause problems.

    So to privatize these forces, forget about it. We need to improve some of the people in the force no doubt but otherwise most of the problem is in the management.

    Jerry Abramson likes to throw people under the bus just as long as his bread is buttered. After all, we can look at the Richard Dotson firing and all the other incompetent moves such as throwing officers under a bus for doing their job. They shouldn’t violate anyones constitutional rights or civil rights but to do genuine peace officer work and enforce basic laws and encourage civility and decency then that is what they should do.

    The bad ones need to be weeded out and put on toilet patrol at Burger King. That being said, I would suspect that very few real bad ones exist and in most case you respect them and they respect you.

  6. Typical, Mark. Somebody in Metro is a critic of Abramson so we jump to toss them out and let Abramson hire his personal police force. Are you a nut or just on the take ( or wannabee) from Abramson?

    I guess it takes the clout of a union to be able to criticize Abramson in public. Go for it, Men in Blue.

  7. This comment is for Zach. There is no such thing as “over aggressive” when arresting someone. Twenty years ago they would’ve beat the crap out of him! I want you and Mark to be a cop for just one day!

  8. “No such thing as ‘over aggressive,'” Michelle? Never thought there’d still be apologists for the cops who beat Rodney King in 2009.

    That cops are gentler than they were 20 years ago is no excuse for what I witnessed. Police serve the people–all people. They need to use as little force as necessary to take someone into custody.

  9. The police department is a concern for all. However, social sevices in this county have gone to an all time low thanks to Mayor Cordish. This county has yet to see just how badly the mayor is planning to undermine the employees & citizens of Jefferson County.

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