U of L Hiring Some Brain Docs

Here’s the latest in that neurosurgery dispute between the University of Louisville and Norton Hospital.

U of L has apparently had some success in recruiting replacements for the team of eight surgeons led by Dr. Christopher Shields, and hopes to bring them on board soon. Gov. Beshear, in a statement this morning, said he’s concerned about the effect of the dispute on U of L’s trauma care rating. Beshear acknowledged that the situation is complex, but it sure seems like it could be a lot simpler — like if U of L could speed up the hiring process on replacements. That seems to be the direction it is heading.

U of L Hospital spokesman Gary Mans sent along this statement about the situation.

We continue to move forward to assure the fulfillment of our missions of clinical care, education, and research. The University of Louisville School of Medicine”s Committee on Academic Promotion and Tenure and the other appropriate committees and offices of the School are meeting this week and next week to review and approve the appointment of new members of the faculty of the Department of Neurosurgery.

These individuals are a group of highly clinically experienced M.D. and M.D./Ph.D. board-certified neurosurgeons from outstanding academic medical centers. In addition, the Search Committee for the Chair of Neurosurgery is reviewing a group of 11 exceptional candidates for the position of professor and chairman of the department.

The candidate pool includes several sitting academic department chairs and vice-chairs. The Faculty of the School of Medicine will continue to focus upon providing outstanding care to our patients and ensuring the education of our residents-in-training and medical students. Although the NIKY neurosurgeons have resigned from the faculty, representatives of the School of Medicine are continuing discussions with Norton Healthcare regarding clinical coverage of the neurosurgical service at University Hospital.

4 thoughts on “U of L Hiring Some Brain Docs

  1. Knowing some of the U of L administrators as the same ones involved in other situations mired in deceit, violation of policies and faculty rights, and generally screwing individuals at will, I won’t be surprised when the new recruits, in a few years, arrive at the same point and quit. With the damage to the trauma unit, maybe the gov will finally get the message and demand that the right heads roll. Or maybe it is just about money.

  2. “Cash Cow vs. Care Cow”

    Flag, you make a good point. The Guv, like so many pols and college honchos, usually don’t give a freakin’ bleep about colleges of education (why they haven’t stepped in to alleviate the pre- and post-Felner fiasco). They do tend to care more about professional schools, especially medical institutions. Pols and university “leaders” often view ed. schools as mere cash cows. They see med. schools as prime areas for big-bucks grants and donor gifts as well as potential PR-coups. I hope Beshear considers the UofL ruckus with Norton as more than about money–but as a major health care issue for everyday people in the larger community.

  3. The trauma center was barely able to get anything done. I sat on a gurney for probably 20 minutes before anyone got anything done. It took 6 hours to get x rays taken and to find out the results. Because they had 2 x-ray machines that were down and out. Only one was working in the whole hospital. That sad. And to call University a trauma center.

    Not to mention that cleanliness wasn’t very important and they didn’t bother to even clean the bed. You could see dried blood on part of it. Very sanitary.

  4. Jim, despite your wait I assure you that U of L is one hell of a trauma center. That is were I did my training. If you are critically injured then by far your best chance of survival is there. If you are in a fender bender and you are more worried about getting your cup of coffee and the wait time then it probably isn’t the best. While you were experiencing this “wait” there were probably multiple patients dying or near death that were “tying ” up the CT scan so yours was not done as quickly. The system is always overwhelmed but people are trying there best. The room wasn’t clean because people were too tied up saing lives. Contact your politician for more trauma center funding because that is much more critical to survival that a bank bailout.

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