The Derby Countdown Is On

Why Car Salesmen Have a Bad Rep: An Urban Active employee was charged for peeping into a tanning bed session. Turns out Spencer Noel has a long criminal record for deviant behavior. UA didn’t do a background check, so they’re getting sued. And Noel? Now a car salesman, according to Connie Leonard’s report. Wish they’d have gone to the lot and got him on camera.  [WAVE-TV]

Pitino’s Loss: Jeremy Tyler, a San Diego high school junior who had committed to play here for Rick Pitino, is making national news by annoncing that he plans to skip his senior year of HIGH SCHOOL to play basketball in Europe. It’s the latest path for talented players who want to skip college for the NBA. [NYTimes]

Is His 15 Minutes Up?: Intelligent dissing of John Ziegler. [HuffPo]

No Faith in Government: After Hal Heiner questioned the idea of forgiving a multi-million dollar loan to a St. Louis developer, Bruce Traughber said this to WLKY: “At some point they just have to have faith that the Mayor and his staff know what they’re doing.” [WLKY-TV]

Is This the Good Track Record?: Traughber added that he thinks they’ve got a pretty good track record in economic development, no doubt counting the Sports and Social Club at Fourth Street Live, opening tonight. It will be interesting to see what an $850,000 remodeling budget can do.

Oddly, Closed: No cancer treatment at the Brown Cancer Center today.  Electrical problems? [Courier]

Students Screwed: The C-J editorial board weighs in on U of L’s multiple decisions to screw students — a mandatory meal plan, a 5 percent tuition hike and a $50 sports fee to finance a wealthy sports department. [C-J]

Countdown to Derby: Just nine more days.  The weather’s great. Go out and have some fun.

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  1. The reason for the Brown Cancer Center being closes is there was a very smokey electrical fire there yesterday. No injuries. A couple of my neighborhood firefighters were in yesterday for coffee and told me a bit about the call.

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