Thanks, Angie, But No Thanks

When we talked with Angie Fenton last week about her plans to leave the Courier-Journal, she had spoken with management at the paper and determined that she’d stay on staff until April 29, the standard two-week notice.

That changed today, and Fenton’s departure from the C-J is now effective immediately.

It turns out that the paper’s editors didn’t like the idea of Fenton’s plan to immediately start writing for a competitor, the Voice-Tribune, and decided it would be best to make her resignation immediate. Fenton told me today that her full-time employment as a Brown Mackie College faculty member will start right away. She teaches professional development and public speaking. She’s also planning to do freelance work at Churchill Downs during Derby Week.

She said there’s no animosity involved on either side.

The truth is there’s not much to be gained in the two-week notice period for either employee or employer, in most cases.ย  So don’t blame the C-J for cutting this one short. And don’t expect to see a Buzz column tomorrow.

22 thoughts on “Thanks, Angie, But No Thanks

  1. No animosity? That’s wishful thinking.

    Fenton had embarrassed the paper by conducting a public affair with a well-known (for the wrong reasons) married man, and charging the man’s wife with harassment for good measure. Now, on top of it, she jumps ship on the eve of the paper’s most demanding event.

    Rest assured that there’s less good will than ever for Fenton at the corner 6th and Broadway. Which is saying something.

  2. I seriously doubt anyone will notice the absence of The Buzz, now or later…..heck I kept thinking I’d picked up a two day old paper since the content was so stale (not to mention mostly irrelevant to people with a life).

  3. “And donโ€™t expect to see a Buzz column tomorrow.”

    –where do you get your information? SPACE?

    there is still a buzz. there was buzz before the reign of Fenton as well.

  4. Good grief. Angie was lame. The Buzz is always lame. It’s two-day-old entertainment garbage. Worthless. All Angie did was compile it and put her name on it as though she had actually done work on it. It’s all laughable. Tell her to take Bennie Ivory and Ben Post and Andy Alderette with her. That would change the paper for the better. This does nothing.

  5. First of all, Shannon, no one is jealous of Angie Fenton. Secondly I agree with the post above me: take the top three salaried guys at that paper and they’d never have to layoff another person. But that won’t happen.

    As far as Fenton goes, she was pretty much thrown out on her ass. Come on, who would really leave a good-paid gig at the C-J for a nasty society rag and the Family Dollar version of a college? She had no choice. She embarrassed the paper for the last time and was forced out. She continues to act like this was all her idea. Yeah right. That’s like me saying I’m going to leave a motion picture project for “Guiding Light.”

    The C-J can now have Buzz with personality and spunk as long as it’s handed off to Krista Richie or Tamra Ikenberg.

    I’ve never read the Voice-Tribune and surely won’t start now.

  6. who cares…all she did was read and copy it pretty much verbatim. It was comical to read Perez one day, and see his posts in print the next in the CJ.

  7. Daily newspapers are a dead end for anyone younger than 55. Weeklies like the Voice Tribune are thriving, and education is one of the few growth industries around.

    Regardless, cut the girl some slack. Nobody here lives a perfect life or does a perfect job. Nobody.

  8. Something worth mentioning:

    David Daley continually threatened Angie because she quoted Rick in a story once upon a time. How hilarious is that? She may be a terrible “reporter” or whatever as I’ve said on a number of occasions, but he totally had it out for her.

    And folks inside the C-J tell us that Daley pressured his staffers to write negative stories about the LEO when Elizabeth Kramer’s lawsuit went public– despite the fact that the paper had no additional information and nothing with which to back the story up.

    What a sore loser.

    (Angie, you out there? Time to come clean on Daley’s pussy behavior.)

  9. I bet the voice has more subcribers than the CJ. Everyone knows the CJ gives it away M-F if you take Sunday. Then they can manipulate the numbers. Smart move, Angie. Thats where she should be anyway.

  10. Please don’t post nasty things about people if you don’t know the truth.

    Fenton was not forced out. Teaching at college pays a hell of a lot more than journalism (duh!). And doing freelance work is one more way to supplement one’s income in this crappy economy.

    Ashley, do you know she was “thrown out on her ass”? Really? Were you there?

    Grow up, people.

  11. That was sooooo painful to read that last comment. I have never been to the “funny farm” but I hope Angie did not read that! How rude. And no, the CJ does not pay all that great, depending on what you do there. The Voice is local and probably pays about the same comparably. And a gig at the college, again, good job Angie.

  12. If you don’t like Angie then you should be glad that she is gone from the CJ not matter the cause. The Curious George is on its way out of town and I know a lot of folks that would love to help them box their things up and move. You can tell by my ID that I think the CJ is a rag and I pray the peace of Christ on them because without that I don’t know how they sleep at night. I know it is wrong to accuse everyone at the CJ of being deceitful but I don’t see how you could work at a place that continually lies, spreads false rumors, and really STRETCHES the truth to increase circulation. Good luck at your new job Angie and remember that good journalism is telling the truth about events and not elaborating the facts like Ms. School Reporter has done against Coach Stinson.

  13. No one in the whole newsroom respects Ikenberg? First of all, when did this thread become about her? Secondly, she has a number of fans — even in the newsroom. I’m in the newsroom right now and I respect her. Her opinions might not be for everyone, but have you read any of her stories? She’s a great writer. And you should check out her resume some time. She’s even a grad of one of the best journalism schools in the country. In a world of snarky Web blogs and people like Perez Hilton, Ikenberg is current and fresh. The CJ and hokey a-holes around here might not always get it, but she’s good.

  14. Dear Taint – I will and I will also pray for you along with your salvation. I may be wrong but I would assume that your views are not the same as mine by your statement. Do you have an issue with Christ or the fact that it doesn’t correlate with your lifestyle and allow you the freedoms that you think you need? I pray that everyone finds Christ before their final day because life is much shorter than we think and eternity is permanently forever. No mulligans, no takebacks, and no second chances. Live like the devil and you will soon find yourself forever touched by him. I also want to remind you that you are also welcome to come and worship with us any weekend. We even have a Saturday night service for those who are interested and I won’t even tell your “friends” that you came. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I got so sick and tired of her numerous mentions of Joey “J-dub” Wagner that I have to say that she will not be missed…

  16. Angie Fenton needs to GET A LIFE before she starts a new one. She has been an embarrassment to the Courier Journal because of her involvement with a married man. She is similar to the content she included in the BUZZ column—-PURE TRASH!!!

  17. The C-J’s mortification is irrelevant now. She has moved on — as have they, no doubt. Let it go.

  18. i know it’s a bit late, but she was, in fact, thrown out on her ass. just ask anybody that works(ed) there, except, of course for that married CJ sports reporter that she managed to get fired after destroying his life (he was left jobless and living in his brothers basement after getting thrown out by his wife, do we see a pattern here?…)

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