Sypher Talks, and Talks, To Forde

Just when you thought the Rick Pitino-Karen Sypher story might quiet down a bit, there’s this.

ESPN’s Pat Forde has a story, published at 6 tonight, that shows that despite warnings from her attorney and common sense, Karen Sypher can’t keep from talking about her ordeal. She spent 30 minutes on the phone and two hours at a Starbucks with Forde on Tuesday.

Among the highlights from the story, this reference to attorney Thomas Clay:

Karen Sypher told that Clay quit as her attorney Tuesday because his client would not stop publicly airing her grievances against Pitino, and, to a lesser extent, grievances against her own husband. Clay said Wednesday that he does still represent Karen Sypher, at least as of the time of the phone call.

On a recent night, the FBI questioned Sypher for four hours at a local hotel. It also questioned her 19-year-old son and her husband, Tim Sypher.

There are plenty of juicy quotes from both Sypher and Judy Cunigan, her mother, but I would choose this one as the juiciest, from Cunigan:

“Tim is so far in Rick’s pockets and up his butt, you’d be amazed. Tim’s always chose Rick over Karen. That’s the way their marriage has been.”

There’s plenty more, so you ought to just to read the story from Forde.

11 thoughts on “Sypher Talks, and Talks, To Forde

  1. Actually the whole world is crazy. I have heard virtually every possible rumor concerning this affair except that one of the involved personalities killed Kennedy. Oh wait, that just came through on my cell.

  2. This lady is clearly mentally ill and, judging from her mother’s comments, she comes by it honestly.
    If Clay told her to shut up and he’d keep her out of prison, he’s probably been told that by prosecutors. But how can they cut a deal with her when she keeps repeating her slander?
    My lawyer friends say she’s looking at 2 years in prison if she’s prosecuted.
    At this point, I’d say her only hope to avoid that fate is to find some new medicine that works.

  3. Rabbit boiler…..

    You have to love her mother’s comments on how she hasn’t shut her mouth since she came out of the womb.

    Can you imagine finding out the morning after a one-night stand, that the blond with the tight body you took home the night before, is actually the demon spawn of Glen Close and Fran Drescher.

  4. I’m not sure that the basketball loving population and mind controlled zombies in Louisville are not the crazy ones here. After all, we don’t even have all the facts in this case. Just a blanket assertion that was cast all over the media that this woman is an extortionist and a criminal. That is a totally unfair as well as convicting her in the public eye which is what they are trying to do. Its a smear campaign orchestrated by powerful interests in this town that are more interested in making millions than doing the right thing.

    After all, we have a case where no one has been charged, no one prosecuted, no jury trial, no allegations have been made. But facts do matter and a legal trial and judgment has to be done first.

    Furthermore, I haven’t seen anyone questioning the motives to going to the extreme and throwing out the entire case to the media. Noticeably, this lady is being smeared without any real legal backing or having been found guilty. Furthermore she hasn’t made any of the claims public about any allegations.

    Reading the Pat Forde story is a very revealing thing and I just wonder how long it will be until the rest of the story comes out.

  5. “Noticeably, this lady is being smeared without any real legal backing or having been found guilty.”

    If indeed this woman is being smeared, it is all based on her actions, Chuck. She is the one that opened this Pandora’s Box by shopping her story to the electronic media. Only then did the school or Pitino release a statement about the situation. Had she have kept her mouth shut, which she obviously seems to have a problem doing, none of this would be happening.

    Does she deserve her day in court? Sure. I’m not denying that. However the “smearing” that you are seeing in the court of public opinion is of her own making.

    Before you come to the rescue of a damsel in distress, stop to think about how much of her distress was caused by her. And think seriously if you really want to hitch your wagon to her star.

    And Mark, that’s a real insult to…Fran Drescher!

  6. Think about what an awful position a wife is in when divorcing a husband whose loyalties, future, and income lie with his powerful boss–especially when there has obviously been a personal relationship between the boss and the wife. The futures of both depend upon the wife–almost ex-wife–not telling anything scandalous, which puts her in a terrible position if she can’t tell a truth in divorce proceedings which impact the rest of her life. And, if whatever she has to say is not true…(it would not be a threat to them).

    Extortion is a serious charge, and so far, that charge makes no sense (and wouldn’t that be blackmail instead of extortion?). Could Pitino’s filing extortion charges against her mean that he was attempting to get the divorce proceedings sealed and no longer public? To charge her with blackmail would mean he was admitting she had real information??

    Anybody know if sealing records in a divorce case is automatic once criminal charges are filed?

  7. Let’s see, hypothetically if that was you in that case but lets say a female accused you of a certain crime such as extortion, you would be up in arms about it. Hell, we all would be up in arms about it if it was any of us. However, there were no accusations in the public domain until our hometown hero decided to bring out the story and leak the extortion attempt to the press. 6 days now and no charges. They’ve been working on this for a month. Now you’re telling me that they don’t already have the information they would need. And the phone records. And the other records they would need. Not to mention what are these documents that Karen Sypher has? That was mentioned in the ESPN article by Pat Forde who wrote a book with our hometown hero and is supposedly good friends.

    In fact, you would be all over it if someone claimed you were an extortionist. We haven’t even heard both sides of the story. An accusation was made by a politically powerful individual about being extorted. The media figured out who it was or someone leaked the information and they wouldn’t have known much about it until the Saint leaked the extortion attempt. They knew who it was before asking her attorney. Ironically, her name came up. So that got the media circus started all over the country. This isn’t just a Louisville story but this is a national story because ESPN and other outlets have brought it up. Louisville media thinks that it can cover things up and shut down a story. Well it very well might not work at a national level. People around here aren’t as stupid as the local media would like us to think. They will figure it out piece by piece. Whether there is any truth to any allegation is best left to the courts, the divorce court, and whatever else comes out. To smear someone as being an extortionist is a bit sketchy for sure especially as the Federales haven’t concluded their investigation and charged her with a crime. What happens if they don’t? Does that mean that lies have been told? Or that the information they received was very questionable. So before pointing fingers start at least learning how the legal process works.

    Furthermore, I never heard one iota about Karen Sypher until Rick issued his press release that someone was trying to extort him. WDRB never aired the tape that was made. I’m not interested in pointing fingers here but it seems to me that there are two sides to every story.

    Furthermore, whats to say that she is lacking any real information. At this point she knows it is best for her situation not to throw all of her cards on the table. At least let the FBI investigate and have it blow over and then reveal what she allegedly knows. I find it odd that it was splattered all over the media not by Karen Sypher but by your hero.

    All she did was to go to the news media with her story and none of it was ever told because everything came up inconclusive. I also find it odd that her mother mentions something that happened 5 years ago. Ironically, there was a rumor that mentioned activities that happened 5 years ago. To what truth, lie, or what extent, who knows? Strange how that works? I guess we all will find out in the courts and through the system.

    But I find it very strange that we haven’t heard both sides of this story. Which is very irresponsible to let one person control all of the media access. I wonder why that is so? Oops. could there be a nice shiny new arena and a university to protect.

    If the FBI pursues charges, that doesn’t mean nothing happened but rather than there was a crime committed. The government doesn’t waste its time pursuing crimes just because someone is politically powerful. If they have something on her, the question is what allegations were made and what did she allegedly do. And to this point they haven’t charged the lady or anyone else in this case. And if they don’t, well the extortion claim very well may be null and void.

  8. P.S. For those out there making comments about how you know the appearance of such a woman and how that makes her guilty, well thats a pretty lame statement to make without knowing all the facts.

    But that is what happens when people blindly follow what they have been hyped over and overhyped over the years. That only one person is right. Between that and having the entire apparatus of the university and media behind one, that usually screws the little guy and the so called media is not in favor of the truth regardless of what it brings.

  9. – And Mark, that’s a real insult to…Fran Drescher!

    Sorry Carter, I like Fran as well. How about the demon spawn of Glen Close and Ann Coulter?

    Actually that may not be fair to Ms. Sypher…..Even though I am conservative, I would rather hang out an extortionist than a Shock-Blow Hard with a really pretentious tone.

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