Save Some Green While Being Green

We’ve written about Sustain several times the past few months and yet again want to give the store a big shout-out.

They’ve recently re-launched their fancy web store and as a thank you to our readers are offering an awesome deal: 20% off all purchases with the discount code Sustain. The offer is good until Friday, May 15th. So take advantage of it.

We’re in the midst of the Kentucky Derby Festival and nearly every one is hosting a party of some sort (or several) over the next two weeks. One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of party waste is to use cups and utensils that can be composted. Like these cups and forks made from corn starch that many restaurants are using these days:

Other super-simple products that we love are this kitchen composter and organic soaps and cleaning products:

And if you’re looking for great ways to save the world while at the same time buying cool household items and gifts, be sure to check out Sustain’s blog. They plan to have in-depth product reviews in addition to tons of information that’ll help you make a difference without trying.

It may seem like we’re shilling for Sustain 24/7 (and we are), but we figure if we– of all people can green our lives, we might as well share our ideas with you.

2 thoughts on “Save Some Green While Being Green

  1. thanks for the shout-out!
    we really do have some cool stuff in the store (& online) and we appreciate your help getting the word out 🙂
    – store manager

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