Not Getting It Done

Failure must be among the toughest concepts for our Mayor to accept. But it’s the only way to describe the three-months-and-counting effort to clean up from the January ice storm.

The city is paying Flynn Brothers Contracting more than $2 million to clean up storm debris, and according to its contract, is losing $500 a day since it missed its final deadline to be done on Sunday. City crews may be putting in long hours, but the job was too big for them.

Here in Jeffersontown, we haven’t yet seen any debris picker-uppers and streets around here feature piled-up sticks in a majority of front yards. Mayoral spokesperson Kerri Richardson says the city is “making a run at” getting finished before Saturday. She said work is done in 84 percent of collection zones.

Richardson said the $500 per day penalty will be figured into the final tally when it meets with Flynn Brothers once the work is completed.

According to this morning’s C-J, Flynn is getting $200 a ton and has collected 11,730 tones of debris thus far. I’ll do the math for you — that’s $2.35 million. So the $500 a day penalty seems like a meaningful consideration, but it’s not.

Mayor Abramson’s handling of the whole thing is just more ammo for his critics. Here we are at Derby time, still trying to clean up from a storm that happened in January. That he blew a few months negotiating with city workers is at the heart of today’s problem. Once he called in contractors, it was too late to get things finished.

7 thoughts on “Not Getting It Done

  1. Let’s see – $2M contract, $500 a day….the contractor could be a YEAR late and only be out around $180,000 – or less than 10% of the overall contract amount.

    Nice negotiating, Mr. Mayor! Almost as good as the Cordish deals.

  2. What I would like to know is why it took them at least 2 and a half months to get started. Isn’t that lovely.

    Interesting observation Mr. Harpe. Why does it take us 3 months to even get started on a problem that should have been done this month. Sad but true that incompetence reigns in Louisville.

  3. I still have a 5 foot tall pile in my front yard that is very attraactive to heavens knows what (critters)??? This failure is a public health issue. Thanks for nothing Jerry. I’m sure his neighborhood looks nice and clean~!!

  4. Why did it take so long for people to start figuring this out? Jerry hasn’t done much for Louisville beyond smiling and pretending we’re world class.

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