Mayo Out at WHAS Radio

Everyone who follows state politics knows Al Mayo, who was, until yesterday, the WHAS Radio Statehouse reporter. He’s one of the more popular members of the Frankfort press corps. He’d been at WHAS since 2000. Recently he’d been a guest on KET’s Comment on Kentucky.

So it’s disappointing that for reasons that both Mayo and his employer, Clear Channel, won’t disclose, Mayo is no longer working for the station. It’s not a budget cutting move — WHAS is already advertising for a replacement.

No one at Clear Channel will discuss the personnel change, citing company policy on personnel. Mayo hasn’t returned my call.

We don’t want to speculate on what happened, but instead wish Al well.

10 thoughts on “Mayo Out at WHAS Radio

  1. Al Mayo has more brains, class and integrity than all of his former Clear Channel overlords combined.

    Frankly, I’m happy for him. Now he can work for a respectable company — one that’s not so greedy and conniving and, well, Texas. What a crappy mega-corporation. I refuse to listen to Clear Channel stations anymore. Not even for Francene, whom I miss.

    Al’s a seasoned veteran with excellent instincts and a nose for news. Everyone on Press Row in Frankfort know that.

    So best of luck, Al. You deserve good fortune. Clear Channel’s loss will certainly be your gain — and a true coup for your next employer.

  2. Al just posted this on Facebook. Although it sheds no light as to why, I just want to say to my friend that I wish him the best in whatever is next. And I hope whatever is next comes soon.

    Here’s what Al said. Hang in there, man!

    I response to all the inquiries, I am no longer employed by Clear Channel Louisville. I have nothing but the highest regard for the staff and management, and thank them for the opportunity to cover politics, and state government.

  3. Actually, it has everything to do with budget cuts. Clear Channel can hire some schmuk right out of the UK school of journalism for about a third of what they were paying Al. EVERYTHING Clear Channel does is about the bottom line, plain and simple.

  4. Yet another in a series of despicable acts by the spineless, gutless weasels at ClearChannel! Al has done an outstanding job there and he’s an even better guy! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  5. It’s nice to speculate when you have no information on the situation. Al was NOT let go in a cost cutting move. In fact, he lied and defrauded the company. Cost the company a lot of money and also lied to an officer about who he was–saying he was a fellow WHAS Radio colleague when he was recently pulled over for a traffic stop driving with a suspended license. Pathetic, if you ask me. To do that to a colleague and someone who considered him a friend.

    There are police reports, court records and documentation that is public record. They tell the whole story. Why bother with facts when opinions are so easy to come by, though? It’s a lot easier to rip with no care for reality than it is to do a little research and figure out the real reason he was let go…which is a history of lying, fraud and illegal behavior.

    But never mind that, keep the pot shots at ClearChannel coming. It’s cowardly but if it makes you feel good, by all means.

  6. Well, listener2, if it’s all public record post it then. Let’s see it. Otherwise you are considered just another Clear Channel hack trying to do damage control.

  7. Al Mayo has had a public reputation of getting his facts correct before going on the air with a story. If he had personal issues and issues with “Cash Cow” Radio, that’s another story. If the personal issues do exist, then let’s hope he make the necessary corrections, attonements, etc and moves on with his life. In the end, he will be better off not working for the Texas Radio Mafia, and maybe, just maybe he’d be interested in the opening that will soon be available at WHAS-11 since Mark Hebert is leaving. At least then, the Louisville television news market would still have an experienced and knowledgeable reporter to cover state government and politics in general. Having said that, Al, if there is a back story to tell, then come clean, ask for forgiveness and let the healing begin. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck in your future employment opportunities.

  8. I remember Al from many years ago at ‘The Great 98″ in Fairmont, West Virginia. He was a real class act. Much good luck, Al!

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