Local Group In the Running for CW Buy

A local group led by ad executive Larry Bisig and Metro Council member Jim King has submitted an offer to buy WBKI-TV, the CW Louisville television station, the V.V. has learned.

Bisig is a principal in the local agency, the Bisig Impact Group.  King is president of King Southern Bank.

The station announced on March 10 that it was going through the unusual process of being sold in an auction format. The deadline for bids to be submitted was Friday at 5 p.m. The minimum bid is $750,000. The primary owner is based on California, but the station is operated by a local management team headed by Carol LaFever.

LaFever said she was “cautiously optimistic” about the number of bids and “gratified at the variety of entities with interest.”

She said the winning bid is not likely to be announced until Tuesday.  She declined to say how many bids have been received.

5 thoughts on “Local Group In the Running for CW Buy

  1. Here’s hoping they can get it. Too many of our broadcasting outlets are owned by some distant corporation that could give a crap less about Louisville. All they want is the stations to make budget this quarter.

  2. Maybe now Katie can have here own show, sort of like Judge Judy but Judge Katie sorts out the Pitino scandal, Judge Katie investigates Cordish etc. Just think of the possibilities!

  3. Judge Katie isn’t going to investigate anything especially if it has anything to do with Cordish or anyone else that is politically connected. Its all about being a political hack. After the next election, I would suspect to see her running off getting some sort of new gig like Deputy Mayor in the King Administration

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