King Didn’t Do It

Last fall, George Unseld was re-elected in the Metro Council’s 6th District. But the bigger fight had been won the previous May, when he defeated Ken Herndon in the Democratic primary.

A key issue in the race was a homophobic flyer distributed at the 11th hour attacking Herndon. In the ensuing 24 months, Herndon and others have been trying to identify who sent the flyers, which were distributed throughout the District, which encompasses Old Louisville.

Herndon’s camp has long suspected then-Metro Council president Jim King of being involved, in part because King supported Unseld in the race. Recently, King decided he’d had enough of the accusations. So he went and used his own money and got himself polygraphed. He said he didn’t know anything about the flyer, and the polygraph proved him out, as you can read in the juicy story Jake’s written over at Page One.

So now Herndon’s going to have to start all over a find a new scapegoat.  More to come.

3 thoughts on “King Didn’t Do It

  1. King’s polygragher, Walt Jones, is a retired FBI polygraph expert who is the most trusted and reliable in town. If he passed King, he’s innocent.

  2. Terry Meiners on WHAS radio is campaigning Larry Bisig as the next mayor of Louisville. Mr. Bisig and Jim King are friends of Jerry Abramsons. If you are tired of the corrupt politics that have occurred in this city for the last twenty years, you will not vote for these people. Obviously, Mr. Meiners isn’t smart enough to have figured this out yet.

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